The notorious Paris Hilton sex tape was leaked, and Paris Hilton claims she had nothing to do with it.

Former “It” girl explains why those who know her well realize she had nothing to do with the scandal in her newly released memoir.

She laments that “better illumination” was not provided. I would have done my hair and makeup and dressed appropriately. More flattering shots and cuts might have been made.

She “would not have had the ill sense to dedicate a porn film to the victims,” Hilton says, referring to the 9/11 victims. (Seriously. Just what the f*ck is it supposed to mean?)

Ex-star of “The Simple Life” and her now-ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon recorded the video in 2001, when she was 19 and he was 31.

She never uses his given name, but describes him as “coarse, arrogant,” and the “ideal person for a lady going through the most self-destructive phase of her life.” Salomon is a former professional poker player who was married to Pamela Anderson twice.

Hilton doesn’t recall about the moment

Hilton, now 42, says she doesn’t recall much about the night in question, which occurred after they had partied, save that Salomon “had often mentioned it was something he did with other women… he continued pressing. I kept coming up with excuses.

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That “it was only for us, no one else would ever see it,” Salomon assured her. This mature man was rejecting the worst thing I could imagine because I was a naive child who didn’t understand how to play grown-up games; he told me as much.

She wants “to be alive in a sensuous sense,” the “Confessions of an Heiress” author writes. Despite her public persona as a sex icon, Hilton has said that she “feared sex” and “hated the notion of it,” in part because of her traumatic experience at a boarding school for wayward youths.

She says that she had a deep need for physical contact and was particularly fond of kissing, but that she would “panic out” if the kiss developed into something more sexual. This earned her the nicknames “frigid” and “c-k-tease,” and the accusations that she was “faking it.”

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In her autobiography, the “Stars are Blind” singer admits, “I was thinking, ‘Yes. Something like that doesn’t even exist. Something out of a movie, I assumed. While she was in Australia promoting “The Simple Life,” excerpts from the recording leaked.

The clip became widely known within hours, coupled with rumors that a longer pornographic film would soon follow.

Instead of letting it out, Hilton called Salomon and asked him to hold off. She describes his tone as “remote and chilly,” adding it was too late and the word had already spread. He said he was within his rights to liquidate an asset that was highly valuable to him.

The former socialite has spoken

The former socialite has spoken out about the catastrophic effects the tape’s publication had on her and her family.

“The publication of that video cost me an enormous amount of money,” she says, “and more important, it shattered my family. And it will always be there. My kids will have to face that one day, and it’s already out there.

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