Argentinian musical streaming television series Secrets of Summer was like a sweet grape in a bunch of Netflix’s teen dramas as the series gave viewers the most unique experience from its story.

The story of Secrets of Summer centers on a girl named Steffi (Pilar Pascual), a wakeboarder from Mexico, who is moving to the Argentine resort Cielo Grande for the annual wakeboarding competition. Besides the sports competition, she tries to solve a massive family mystery that has been kept secret in the resort. However, in between the journey, she experiences a lot of unforgettable moments.

The series first aired on Netflix with a total of eleven episodes on 16th February 2022 and since its release, the series has gained a lot of popularity in a really short time, which is why the show was renewed for its second season.

Since the series ended on a fine note, a lot of fans are worried about the release date for the second season of Secrets of Summer, so here we’ve collected the latest information about the release date. Take a peek to know.

Secrets of Summer Season 2 Release Date

Secrets of Summer Season 2 Releases in December 2022 on Netflix

According to what’, the second season of Secrets of Summer is set to release on 30th December 2022. Meanwhile, Netflix has yet to declare some other details about the series but through this announcement, fans will definitely have a reason to smile.

Moreover, fans should appreciate the efforts of the show producers as, within just seven to eight months after the premiere of the first season, its second season is going to be released next month. However, a lot of things and mysteries were missing in the first season, which will be covered in the next part.

What to Expect from Secrets of Summer’s Second 2?

Secrets of Summer Season 2 Releases in December 2022 on Netflix

Although Netflix has yet to announce the official synopsis for the second season, but through the conclusion of the first season, we can expect what will happen in the upcoming episodes of the second season.

In the final episode of first season of Secrets of Summer, everything was going in a way that everyone wanted. Steffi, who gets her family back with the help of Cielo Grande, starts a romantic relationship with Julián, whereas bank also took the earned money that wasn’t enough to pay the debt, in short Cielo Grande was safe.

But the problem was that instead of Steffi, everyone was leaving Cielo Grande. Natasha (Giulia Guerrini), who won with an unfair manner starts thinking about Cielo Grande’s future with someone named Olivier. So, through the first season’s ending, we can expect that we will moreover see the rise of the Argentine resort Cielo Grande, Natasha will aid in the development of it.

Final Words

Netflix’s Spanish teen drama series Secrets of Summer has already proved its worth in the first season, and now the show is ready to rock again on Netflix on 30th December. Since the showrunners surprised all of their fans with an early release of the second season, in return fans should also give an unexpected response to the upcoming season.

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