Accused is the most recent criminal drama to intrigue viewers with its convoluted and scandalous plots. Showrunner Howard Gordon, who has also worked on Homeland and 24, is responsible for the FOX anthology, which debuted Friday night.

From a parent whose kid wants to carry out a mass massacre to a surrogate who interferes with a couple’s hopes for their baby, his new programme chronicles the story of 15 different people on trial for various offences. The central case of each episode is revealed through flashbacks so that viewers aren’t always immersed in the courtroom setting.

is the show accused based on a true story

Naturally, we constantly worry if the central plot of a legal or crime thriller has been plagiarised from the media. Are the events shown in Accused based on actual occurrences? As for what we do know, here it is.

Does the story of Accused have any basis in reality?

Accused is not based on any actual events. The trials on the programme are not based on actual occurrences, although creator Mark Gordon has said that the first episode, “Scott’s Story,” which centres on a father and his troubles with his kid, was inspired by current events.

is the show accused based on a true story

Being a parent inspired me to write the narrative. Then I saw this story in the paper about a Japanese ambassador who was serving in Parliament and who had been imprisoned for killing his adult kid who was still living at home and who Gordon said he had reason to believe was planning a series of knife attacks.

All of the other episodes of Accused have the same root cause. Gordon said with Deadline, “Trauma is exceptionally excellent for drama, in a way, and as a storyteller you get to process that fictionally. In other words, you get to comprehend the genuine reality near the occurrences themselves. In 2023, I believe the authors can finally portray some of the concerns we’re all pondering. Several reasons these tales could not have been recounted until now.

Who is the cast of accused?

Accused features an impressive ensemble cast. The following are only a few examples: The cast also includes Wendell Pierce, Rachel Bilson, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, and Betsy Brandt, along with Abigail Breslin, Whitney Cummings, Margo Martindale, and Michael Chiklis.

If you missed the debut of Accused on Sunday night (Jan. 22), don’t worry; the first episode will show again soon. The drama’s first episode may be seen right now by subscribers to Hulu. Beginning tomorrow, January 25 at 3:01 AM, the second episode, “Ava’s Story,” will be available exclusively on Hulu.

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