A-listers other than Jennifer Lopez have come under fire for appearing to be dishonest about the cosmetic treatments they may have had to attain their immaculate, age-defying complexions.

Jennifer Lopez When it comes to Olivia Munn‘s opinions regarding cosmetic surgery, or rather, her stance on not having cosmetic surgery—especially when the before and after photos speak for themselves!

New mom @FluentlyForward, one of the many social media accounts that have compared side-by-side photos of the new mom (who welcomed her first child with John Mulaney – a son named Malcolm Hip – in November 2021) while also addressing some of the unfathomable reasons she has given for the change in her appearance When it comes to J-beauty Lo’s secrets (which aren’t really secrets at all, as she usually proclaims them from the rooftop), olive oil is one of her most often cited ingredients. Previously, the 41-year-old actress credited an edible substance. Is she credible?

Back in 2018, the X-Men: Apocalypse star claimed to consume sweet potatoes rich in hyaluronic acid to keep her skin looking young and wrinkle-free, which sparked some panic buying among curious fans who wanted to see if they could achieve surgery-like results by ingesting the Japanese sweet potatoes in question.

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Even though they may have some advantages, we don’t believe they can take credit for Olivia’s noticeable face makeover since her face not only seems younger than ever but also appears to have been augmented and altered in several spots. We haven’t eaten a potato with that much power yet, but we’re eager to keep eating potatoes and other tasty carbohydrates just in case… Of all, it’s all in the interest of science…

Olivia Munn Before And After

Some of the most noticeable changes to Violet’s face that we don’t believe can be achieved by eating potatoes are listed below. If Olivia’s eyes are wider and more open than they were a few years ago, and her brows are noticeably higher than they were in prior photos, this is strong evidence that she has undergone some form of cosmetic surgery.

Even the most perfect contour application couldn’t accomplish the Love Wedding Repeat actress’s incredibly defined and sculpted cheekbones, which have been said to be the result of cheek implants.

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Fans speculate that Olivia has undergone rhinoplasty (perhaps a nose graft to modify the look of her nasal bridge) and chin implants due to the modest but still extremely obvious modifications to her nose and chin. Fillers and Botox, which admirers believe she has had all over her face multiple times, as well as lip fillers to give her a full and attractive pout, might possibly be to blame for the shift in her jaw.

Olivia Munn Before And After

Fans feel that the Buddy Games actress may have gone too far with her *speculated* secret treatments, and have remarked that she looked much “better” before she had the procedures. “Am I the only one who prefers Olivia’s original face?” a fan asked on the @FluentlyForward post on Olivia’s look. The other person replied, “I guess Olivia felt ashamed since she looked so much better before.”

Many others remarked on Olivia’s incredulous explanations for why she underwent rhinoplasty, joking that “maybe sweet potato is the name of the doctor who did her rhinoplasty,” in reference to her 2018 statements about the fabled miraculous root vegetable. “Because they lie about their operations, they make it difficult to get work done.

One TikTok user remarked, “My favorite is all the nose jobs for sinus reasons,” while another posted, “Olivia Munn also mentioned another time ‘Oh, I started plucking my eyebrows from the bottom and not the top.'” It explains why I appear to be so unique!'”


Olivia Munn’s changing appearance has sparked speculation among fans and social media accounts regarding her possible cosmetic treatments. Despite her previous claims of relying on natural remedies like sweet potatoes, discernible transformations in her facial features suggest the influence of cosmetic procedures.

Fans have expressed mixed opinions, with some preferring her pre-altered appearance. The controversy highlights the challenge of discerning truth from celebrity cosmetic enhancements.

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