Lisa Helou, who obtained her license in 1976 and is wed to a residential builder, is well-known for her aggressiveness and unwavering pursuit of her clients’ interests. She was raised in Los Angeles and went to California State University, Los Angeles.

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Lisa, who prides herself on her traditional methods and approach, emphasizes honesty and character while also providing her clients with a valuable and tested skill set. She resides on the Balboa Peninsula with her spouse Carl; they are members of the Balboa Peninsula Point Association and are frequently spotted riding their bikes or taking leisurely rides in their Duffy boat around the bay.

Lisa Helou Plastic Surgery

The topic of discussion is whether Lisa Helou has undergone plastic surgery. Given that she looks to be in her 40s and that her facial appearance appears to have changed, several of her fans speculate that she may have undergone cosmetic surgeries.

Lisa Helou Plastic Surgery

Although there have been rumors and conversations that she would get plastic surgery, Lisa has not responded to these rumors on social media. You may be able to spot little creases around her chin and under her eyes if you look closely at her pictures. Were she to have had Botox and fillers, these creases might not be there.

It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that we are unable to determine if she purposefully boosted a certain characteristic to make herself appear younger. She may be able to afford these operations because she is a successful real estate agent, but in the end, it is her money and her choice.

Lisa Helou’s Before And After

Comparing Lisa Helou’s before and after pictures on social media, some have speculated that she might have undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance her appearance. It’s true that she looks different in the earlier photos, but this might be explained by time and the natural aging process.

Lisa Helou's Before And After

She sent her pal a Merry Christmas in the picture she shared quite some time ago. She seemed to have undergone no noticeable changes in that photo, being more like herself.

Her cheeks are larger, presumably from greater cheekbone highlighting, and her chin does seem to have changed significantly from the prior photographs. But we can’t be positive if Lisa has had any surgery unless she confirms it to us.

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