Tens of thousands of users in the UK are reporting issues with WhatsApp, including being unable to send or receive messages.

More than 46,000 reports of troubles have been made, according to the outage tracking service Downdetector, by 8:46 am, with problems being initially noticed just before 8 am.

However, given the manner in which the website gathers data, the number of users having problems may actually be far greater.

Global WhatsApp users have gone to social media sites like Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the app’s performance.

More than 11,000 users in India and 19,000 users in Singapore reported having problems, according to Downdetector.

Users have discovered that although they can launch the app and browse their discussions, no new messages are being delivered or sent correctly.

Many users notice a constant message at the program’s top that claims the app is “connecting” to the server but then seems to fail to do so.

A representative for the platform’s parent company, Meta, said: “We’re aware that some users are now having problems sending messages, and we’re working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible.”

With an estimated two billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging services in the UK and elsewhere.

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