Unsurprisingly, SAS Rogue Heroes has been extended for a second season. With 9.4 million viewers for its premiere episode, it was the BBC’s third-biggest new drama launch of the year, behind The Tourist and The Responder.

In the historical drama, young officer David Stirling battles for authorization to assemble the hardest-bitten, most daring, and most intelligent warriors in order to wreak havoc behind enemy lines during the Western Desert Campaign of World War II, which is when the Special Air Service, or SAS, first came into existence.

If history is any indication—which it is—season two is expected to take that shock element and kick it up a notch. Season one was an incredible experience.

Potential Premiere Date for Sas Rogue Heroes Season 2: When Will It Air?

sas rogue heroes season 2 release date

Season 2 is currently in the process of filming in Croatia and the UK; we may anticipate seeing it on TV in early 2024. A “to be continued” caption at the end of the last episode of the wartime series indicated its future, and history suggests there’s plenty more to be discovered.

“I’m delighted to be embarking on the next chapter of the story after the roaring success of Rogue Heroes,” creator Steven Knight said in celebration of the announcement of a second season. The SAS will be sent to mainland Europe in series two, pushing our soldiers to the brink of endurance.”

“The incredible response and huge iPlayer figures for SAS Rogue Heroes is a testament to Steven Knight’s incredible skill for turning our history into modern, must-see TV,” said Lindsay Salt, director of BBC Drama.

“BBC viewers have really taken this series to their hearts, and we’re delighted to be working with Steven and Kudos to bring the Rogue Heroes’ exciting next chapter to life.” Although the precise release date is not yet known, Knight has stated that filming for the second season is virtually complete.

In March 2023, he told the Radio Times, “It’s almost ready to go.” “That will shortly be put into production. It’s more along the lines of the first series, which I thought was amazing and went incredibly well.”

We would anticipate additional episodes to air in late 2024, given that season one production started in March 2021 and the program wasn’t published until October of the same year.

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Sas Rogue Heroes Season 2 Cast: Who’s in It?

sas rogue heroes season 2 release date

The two main characters of the show, Jack O’Connell (Lady Chatterley’s Lover) and Connor Swindells (Sex Education, Vigil), who portray Lieutenant Paddy Mayne and Captain David Stirling, respectively, will be back for a second season.

For the second season of SAS Rogue Heroes, Gwilym Lee (The Great, Bohemian Rhapsody) will play Bill Stirling, the brother of David Stirling, and the man behind the 2SAS regiment; Con O’Neill (Happy Valley, Our Flag Means Death) will portray General Montgomery.

However, Alfie Allen won’t return following the tragic passing of Jock Lewes in the first season:’-(

Other actors that will be making a comeback include…

Don West in the role of Dudley Clarke

  • Eve Mansour played by Sofia Boutella
  • Sergeant Mike Sadler, played by Tom Glynn-Carney
  • Sergeant Reg Seekings, played by Theo Barklem-Biggs
  • Pat Riley, Sergeant Jacob Ifan
  • Dave Kershaw, Sergeant Bobby Schofield
  • Jim Almonds, played by Corin Silva
  • Bill Fraser, played by Stuart Campbell
  • John Cooper, played by Jacob McCarthy

Alongside them will be new recruits Jack Barton (War of the Worlds, Heartstopper) and Mark Rowley (The Last Kingdom, The North Water), who will portray SAS members John Tonkin and Jock McDiarmid, respectively.

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What Can We Expect from Sas Rogue Heroes Season Two?

sas rogue heroes season 2 release date

The BBC has released an official narrative summary that states that the action will begin in the spring of 1943. “Now that David Stirling has been apprehended and Paddy Mayne is leading the SAS, they need to shift their focus from the fighting in North Africa to continental Europe. However, GHQ has expressed doubts about the regiment’s future, and the men’s situation is made even more challenging by the formation of a new unit and an unexpected arrival.

Can they demonstrate that, wherever the conflict takes them, the SAS is still vital to the outcome?” Season 2 will follow the SAS to the front lines in Europe since most of the first season was set in Egypt. Given that the show is somewhat based on a genuine story, we can assume quite a bit about what that will involve.

At the conclusion of the first season, Swindells’ character Stirling was taken prisoner by German forces, leaving a significant “to be continued” in his wake. Stirling actually went into captivity and was kept under lock and key for the duration of the war. With their commander-in-chief incapacitated, O’Connell’s portrayal of Paddy Mayne is left in charge of the other members of the battalion.

In real life, Mayne went on to become one of the most decorated troops of World War II, despite being somewhat of a loose canon in the first season. Fighting shifted to the continent after Stirling was taken prisoner in 1943, and it’s possible that the second season of the drama may take place in Italy, with Mayne leading the invasion of Sicily. A second SAS unit was also founded during this period, which may undoubtedly provide some amazing drama in the upcoming season of the show.

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When Is the Season 2 Trailer for Sas Rogue Heroes Coming Out?

First, let’s wait for the filming to conclude and the release date. Enjoy the first-season trailer below while you wait.

You can watch SAS Rogue Heroes on BBC iPlayer. The second season is scheduled to start filming in 2023.


BBC’s historical drama “SAS Rogue Heroes” has been renewed for a thrilling second season, set to air in early 2024. The show, based on the formation of the Special Air Service (SAS) during World War II, continues its gripping narrative as the SAS shifts its focus to continental Europe in 1943. With a returning cast including Jack O’Connell and Connor Swindells, viewers can anticipate more action and intrigue as the story unfolds on the front lines of Europe. Stay tuned for updates and the season 2 trailer!

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