Maria Taylor is a name that resonates with excellence and versatility in the world of sports broadcasting and journalism. Born on May 12, 1987, in Alpharetta, Georgia, Maria Taylor has risen to prominence as a respected sports analyst, reporter, and host, known for her exceptional talent, charisma, and commitment to her craft.

Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor’s journey to becoming one of the most recognizable faces in sports media began with her passion for basketball. She was a standout athlete herself, playing both basketball and volleyball at the University of Georgia. Her athletic background provided her with a unique perspective when transitioning into sports journalism.

Is Maria Taylor Pregnant?

Yes, Maria Taylor is expecting her first child. She happily informed her husband of this development recently. The couple’s momentous moments were captured in a charming TikTok film, which was shared alongside an adorable and heartfelt Instagram picture shoot that served as the announcement.

Is Maria Taylor Pregnant?

After a difficult three years, Maria candidly shared her posts, expressing both her disbelief and her enormous delight at the idea of becoming a mother. She talked candidly about the difficulties she had, which included several failed IVF efforts, surgeries, and egg retrievals.

They are happy now because of her persistence and her husband’s constant support, despite all the challenges they faced. As soon as her fans and following learned of the news, they showered her with congratulations and well wishes, expressing her joy for this new phase of her life.

Maria Taylor’s Husband

Since Maria Taylor has opted to keep details of her personal life private, the name of her spouse has been kept well hidden. It is known that in February 2021, she wed her present spouse.

Maria Taylor's Husband

Maria was married to Rodney Blackstock before their union; the two met in 2014. They eventually got married in 2019 after a protracted engagement, however, problems in their marriage caused them to separate in 2021.

Even with the public curiosity in her private life, Maria has kept the identity and details of her present spouse hidden. But it’s clear that he’s a kind and understanding spouse, appreciating and respecting Maria’s rigorous job in the sports business.

Taylor’s Defining Moments In Her Career

Maria Taylor’s coverage of the 2020 NBA Finals was one of her career’s pivotal milestones. She received a lot of praise for her ability to handle intricate basketball analysis and for her in-depth conversations with coaches and players.

Taylor's Defining Moments In Her Career

She was able to demonstrate her versatility as a sports writer and her ability to cover a variety of sports with equal skill by covering the finals. The impact of Maria Taylor goes beyond her television appearances.

She has been instrumental in shattering gender stereotypes in the sports journalism field and serves as an inspiration to aspiring female sports writers. Her accomplishments are an encouragement to young women hoping to break through in the sports media.

Maria Taylor’s Significant Career Move

Maria Taylor made a big career decision in 2021 when she joined NBC Sports and left ESPN. This action strengthened her standing as a reputable and in-demand sportscaster. She is a great asset to any sports network because of her experience and versatility.

Maria Taylor's Significant Career Move

In addition to her career achievements, Maria Taylor is renowned for her charitable endeavors and commitment to having a positive influence on her neighborhood. She has supported social justice causes via her platform and participation in a number of nonprofit endeavors.


Maria Taylor is an incredible person in the sports broadcasting industry. Her transformation from a collegiate player to a well-known sports writer is evidence of her skill, commitment, and love of the game.

Her presence in the field not only marks a noteworthy accomplishment for her but also acts as motivation for female and male aspiring sports journalists who want to break down boundaries and succeed in the sports media.

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