A Democrat running for a prominent position in the 2024 House race is embroiled in controversy after being called out by a group of veterans for wearing an Army uniform during a public event, despite never having served in the military. The incident has sparked widespread discussion about the implications of such actions and their impact on perceptions of military service and “stolen valor.”

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The Democratic candidate, former Michigan state Sen. Curtis Hertel, has been targeted by 28 veterans who signed a letter demanding an apology for wearing part of a U.S. Army-issued uniform at a Veterans Day wreath-laying ceremony in Lansing, Michigan. The veterans accused Hertel of creating the impression that he had served in the military and committing an act of “stolen valor” by donning the jacket.

The letter specifically pointed out that Hertel wore the retired U.S. Army-issued physical fitness jacket during the event, despite not being officially listed as part of the program. It highlighted concerns that the wearing of official military attire, especially at a ceremony honoring veterans, could mislead attendees into believing that Hertel had served in the military, an act that is frowned upon and termed as “stolen valor.”

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Additionally, the veterans’ letter criticized Hertel for not clarifying to attendees that he had not served in the military. It emphasized the significance of the retired uniform, which is linked to the Global War on Terror era of military service, a period during which Hertel was eligible to serve based on his age but did not enlist.

The controversy surrounding the incident also raised attention to U.S. Army regulations, which state that the physical fitness uniform is not considered appropriate for certain off-installation functions, including memorial services, ceremonies, and similar events. Retirees are authorized to wear the physical fitness uniform, but not in the context of such gatherings or ceremonies.

This incident has sparked a wider discussion on the implications of wearing military attire without having served and the ethical considerations surrounding “stolen valor.” It brings attention to the sensitive nature of military service and the importance of accurately representing one’s military background or lack thereof.Veterans Call Out Mastriano For 'shameful' Confederate Army

As the issue unfolds, it prompts reflection on the perceptions and responsibilities associated with honoring veterans and participating in events that commemorate their service, emphasizing the need for clarity and respect in these circumstances.

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