Console gaming is great fun, but PC gaming has always had the edge for many. Gaming PCs are incredibly powerful, which can ultimately lead to even better gaming experiences. It makes playing sports titles a lot of fun, and in 2023, there are a number of great games from the genre to choose from.

Football Manager 2023

We’re going to dive straight in with a PC game that has one of the largest cult followings ever seen. Football Manager is the number one sports title on PC, and it goes far beyond being a game for some. We’ve seen recently how this game has got people work in professional football, and it can even assist by giving players the knowledge that would be incredibly useful when considering sports betting markets online and predicting outcomes. In short, Football Manager is a game that allows players to enjoy an in-depth

The Best Sports Games For PC In 2023

and realistic football management experience, with new features added year-on-year.


FIFA isn’t a game that you immediately associate with PC, but it’s always been a platform the series has made use of, and there are several reasons why many prefer playing the game on PC over console. The first is that the Ultimate Team market is often a lot lower and a lot less volatile, so you can get the best players for cheaper and with less competition. And, when you’re playing FIFA on PC, you have better and more convenient access to the all-important Web App, meaning it’s going to be a lot easier to land the players you’re looking for. You’re also not missing out on the likes of Division Rivals or FUT Champions, either.


One of the newer names and games on the PC gaming scene is a title called Undisputed, and you will probably gather that this is a boxing game. For years, boxing has been in the limelight, but there’s been no actual proper boxing game since EA Sports’ last instalment of the hit Fight Night series. Undisputed has been in the works for a while, but it’s finally available as an Early Access title on Steam, with improvements being made all the time. They have all the top boxers signed up, and you can currently do battle online against others. In future, there will be a comprehensive career mode added.

Rocket League

The final mention goes to a classic that has more than held its own since its release. Rocket League is video game meets sports, and it’s also made for an excellent eSports title too. Rocket League makes itself accessible to everyone because there’s the football element, and then there are also vehicles involved and fun arenas to play in. As seen with other video games, Rocket League is also one of those titles where you can team up with others, so there’s a fantastic social element to the game too, which shouldn’t be overlooked in this day and age.

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