The AWP is an absolute beast when it comes to simply one-shotting your enemies from the other corner of the map. To make this gun fashionable, you might not want to cheap out too much since it’s mostly a mandatory part of most players’ arsenals towards the end game. We’ll be talking about some of the best affordable AWP skins in CS:GO.


Price: $4 (FN), $2.64 (MW), $1.36 (FT), $1.58 (WW), $1.62 (BS)

The Best Affordable AWP Skins in CS:GO

If you’ve been playing CS:GO lately, chances are you’ve probably seen this skin out in the wild. Not only is the AWP PAW cheap, but it also has a unique kick to its design, with cartoon-ish cats and dogs covering the entire body. It can be found in all conditions between Float Values of 0 and 0.50.

AWP | Wildfire

Price: $98.86 (FN), $66.50 (MW), $45.03 (FT), $43 (WW), $26.56 (BS)

The Best Affordable AWP Skins in CS:GO

This skin is quite literally “fire” and can often be spotted in the game. It was added as part of the CS20 collection in the fall of 2019 and quickly gained popularity among the community. Its body has a fiery dragon on it, with the rest of the skin colored hot-red and solid black. You might actually ace the enemy team if you play your cards right.

You can find AWP | Wildfire in all conditions between Float Vvalues of 0.01 and 0.70. However, there are slight abrasions on the buttstock of AWP | Wildfire in even its Factory New condition.

The prices for these AWP skins are actually higher on the Steam marketplace. You can get them cheaper onat a trusted third-party CS:GO trading platform where you can easily buy and sell all of your skins.

AWP | Asiimov

Price: $102.06 (FT), $76.85 (WW), $57.03 (BS)

The Best Affordable AWP Skins in CS:GO

Asiimov has been a community favorite since we can remember. It was initially released in 2014 with the Phoenix Collection. Players love it primarily because of its futuristic look and perfectly blended color scheme of orange, white, and black. You’ll notice the butt, scope, and grip are colored orange, with most of the skin being entirely white with hints of black.

You can find the skin between Float Values of 0.18 and 1.00, which means that there’s no Factory New condition of the skin while all others are readily available.

AWP | Hyper Beast

Price: $71 (FN), $40.92 (MW), $28.87 (FT), $21.63 (WW), $18.02 (BS)

The Best Affordable AWP Skins in CS:GO

While not as popular as the skins we mentioned previously, Hyper Beast is still a viable option considering its design similarities to Wildfire. The only problem is the colors — they just don’t seem to sit right, but are fine nonetheless. The center of its body is made with psychedelic colors, with the rest of the skin painted in shades of gray.

You can find AWP | Hyper Beast between Float Values of 0 and 1, which means it’s available in all conditions.

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