The world is changing every day, and it is also getting smaller through the use of technology. Even shopping can be done without having to leave the confines of your house as even grocery shopping but also any kind items can be done online. With e-commerce sites, you can shop for almost anything online and have it delivered to your doorstep. This is simply done by placing your order online from the store. But what is happening next ?

Courier companies like China Post take care of the delivery for most e-commerce businesses nowadays, but most of the china post tracking searches are done using other, more efficient third party services provided by websites like Ordertracker.

If the item you are shopping for is from abroad and will take some time to arrive, you can keep an eye on it with the use of a tracking tool. This is one of the reasons why tracking tools are an almost indispensable asset to e-commerce businesses.

Why Do E-Commerce Businesses Need Tracking Tools?

There are more than 20 million e-commerce websites available today for online shopping. Depending on what you are looking for or stock availability and delivery delays, you just need to choose from where you will make the purchase among all the available options. E-commerce businesses accept these orders and have them delivered to all around the world. Courier services like FedEx, UPS, 4px and hundreds of others will carry the shipment and the delivery of your goods, no matter where you are located, sometimes cooperating on international deliveries in order to assure the delivery.  

 You can use a tracking tool to track couriers to get valuable information about the orders they are handling. Here are some reasons e-commerce needs and requires tracking tools to thrive.

It makes them accountable

This is simply being able to give a detailed report concerning a situation. If consumers are not aware of the whereabouts or current conditions of their orders at any given time, this causes a problem. However, when you use tracking tools like Ordertracker, they can locate and get information about orders. This lets e-commerce businesses be accountable because they inform customers of the item’s current state.

For Credibility

There are so many scams, and technology has made them more accessible. This is why people are sometimes reluctant to try new things, like purchasing from a new online store because they are afraid of spending money and not receiving what they ordered. That explains why most consumers prefer ordering from well-known platforms like Amazon instead of picking the exact same product, even if the same item is available in stores where they didn’t have previous experience with.

This is the case without a tracking tool because they won’t be able to see or control what happens to their orders. But with tracking tools, customers’ minds can be put to rest because they can at least see what’s happening to their items. It also makes the business credible to the public. 

To Have a Controlled System

For a business to thrive, it needs to operate under a system and, most importantly, a system that works. In an e-commerce business, there are so many moving parts, with every section dependent on the next.

Once a customer places an order, it is then shipped to its destination. Tracking lets the business know how the courier is handling the order. Whether it’s an in-house courier or not, the e-commerce business sees it. This lets them run smoothly since they can easily keep tabs on all orders and also lets things stay under control.

Why Are Tracking Services More Reliable than Courier Websites ?

The vast majority of courier websites are using outdated interfaces and technologies which for most have never been updated or improved for sometimes decades, as it is not part of their core characteristics but is simply an additional and free service provided to users. Asian transporter’s websites, which are carrying about 60% of global parcels, are only partially translated. Just like China post, the 4px tracking service is mainly in Mandarin, leading to a large number of confusions due to errors due to errors in their translation services online such as Missing data, and tracking steps.

Of course it is not the same case for every transporter. UPS for example has built a point of the edge interface, but there are other shortcomings in their service, like the fact that you can only track UPS numbers, if you have in possession a FedEx tracking number, UPS is not going to help you out. As online stores use on average the services of 3 courier companies, they would need to provide their customer with links for each service, on the other side, independent tracking services provide users with information no matter which carrier has been involved. In addition to that, there are also B2B solutions offered by independent tracking services, that allow stores to display and provide to their customers the full or partial shipping journey. 


For any e-commerce business today to thrive well, it needs a tracking tool to do so. Ordertracker is a useful tool for this purpose.

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