March Madness season is fast approaching, and bettors couldn’t be more excited. As the tournament draws nearer, new and pro bettors are gearing up to participate, lining up with the March Madness schedule. Hence, the demand for insight and research has dramatically increased.

March Madness is a tournament involving NCAA Division I men’s basketball., and 68 teams must compete for the national championship in seven rounds. It is a single-elimination tournament ending with the penultimate round, the Final Four, involving the four remaining teams.

Read on as we explore some essential information every bettor should know about march madness betting.

How To Bet on March Madness

Betting on March Madness games can seem challenging at first glance. However, the process is straightforward. First, you need to find a March Madness bet you’d like to bet on. Then, tapping on it should display selections showing your bet amount, bet slip, and potential winnings.

However, these are only possible when you have signed up with a reputable platform, a site, or a mobile app.

You should check out Kentucky sports betting apps if you’re looking for a good platform to place your bets.

Types of March Madness Bets

March Madness bets are diverse, favoring bettors who study them and use their strategies effectively. Here are a few March Madness bets:


A money line is a straight bet on the team you think will win the NCAA Division 1 Men’s basketball tournament. However, many sportsbooks consider both teams’ strengths and weaknesses before issuing money line odds. In such scenarios, there is always a favorite and an underdog between the teams. 

Over/Under Totals

A betting platform will often offer a total points line on a game, and then you can bet over or under. You’re predicting how many points both teams will combine for. Individual team totals are available too, and there are alternate points for the totals and lines in each half.


As the name implies, a futures bet is a futuristic bet that runs throughout the tournament or season. It is a long-term prediction that doesn’t focus on the outcome of a single. Instead, it is a long shot for a futuristic win. 

For instance, you can find futures bets on the winner of the march madness tournament, and you can bet on how long a team will stay in the game. You can also bet on two teams that’ll reach the Final Four.


Parlays are a type of march madness betting that requires you to combine predictions on two or more games. For you to succeed, your predictions must be correct for the March Madness parlay.

In-game Live Betting

In-game March Madness is a betting where you can place your bets during the game. The platform or sportsbook updates the odds and lines throughout the match so bettors can continue playing until the match ends. In-game betting allows you to watch a game, analyze it, and make better-informed bets on the players, teams, and outcomes.

Player Props

Player props are available to bettors for any individual player in a game. For instance, during a March Madness game, you can bet over/under on the assists, blocks, rebounds, points, and even steals a player gets. However, there may be some limitations based on the states. For example, some prohibit prop bets on college sports, and others have no restrictions. 

Team Props

Some states allow team props for March Madness bets, meaning you can bet over/under on the number of points a team will earn. You can even bet on a team as the first to score or the first to amass a certain number of points. 

Point Spread

A point spread refers to a margin of victory for the bettor to determine what side beats the margin. During March Madness, a point spread allows the sportsbook to offer odds on either team to cover the margin. 

Point spreads will often move several times before the game starts, so it is essential for bettors to monitor these movements and place their bets when the spread favors them.

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