The covid-19 pandemic disrupted the global supply chain, with a lingering impact on cross-border trade. Its impact extends to the delay in deliveries of parcels to customers. This triggers anxiety among expectant customers who are unable to determine the status of their package. In most cases, only packages with a unique parcel tracking number can be tracked while in transit. This raises a concern in respect of the courier services used for cross-border transactions. It becomes important to contract the services of a courier, such as 4px tracking which provides status on possible delays as one of its features.

Why do I Have to Deal With Delayed Deliveries? 

E-commerce makes it possible to purchase items at your convenience. When you place an order, it is expected that the parcel should be delivered at the promised date. This explains the irritation people experience when parcels are not delivered within the estimated timeline. Circumstances that affect the ability of courier companies to deliver parcels include:

Congested Ports 

Port congestion as a global challenge can be traced to Covid-19 lockdown measures, lack of port handling equipment, weather condition, and industrial actions among others. When the port is booked beyond its capacity, it impacts the loading and unloading of containers which slows down delivery. Individuals with access to a package tracker can however determine the location, status, and duration of their parcel at the port. 4px tracking in its partnership with international courier services has acquired experience in circumnavigating and avoiding such delays. 

Use of Outdated Technology 

There are courier services that use technologies incompatible with the demands of today’s supply chain industry. This disrupts their communication with customers in event of delayed deliveries. 4px tracking, being a tech-savvy solution provider, uses package tracking technologies to enable customers to track packages from the comfort of their homes. 

Lack of Visibility 

Parcel tracking is a crucial element in supply chain distribution. However, when courier companies lack transparency in service delivery, it creates inefficiencies that may result in delays. This accounts for the majority of damaged and lost shipments across the world, with customers kept in the dark in respect of their parcels. It is on this basis that 4px tracking adopts an advanced tracking technology to provide customers with status updates on their deliveries whenever the customers need to track packages. This transparency forms the bedrock of 4px tracking’s service delivery. 

It is acknowledged that there are situations in which the courier company may have little or no control over your delayed deliveries. This could occur due to weather conditions, traffic, or a pandemic. Notwithstanding, technology is evolving to improve the efficiency of participants within the supply chain industry. 

Can I get Updates From the 4px Tracking System in Event of Delays? 

4px tracking system is a one-of-a-kind solution provider that enables customers to track packages with updates on delayed deliveries. When you use the 4px tracking system, you will receive updates if there is a delay in your package delivery. You have access to information about the location of your package, which is particularly helpful when there is a delay.

Third-party service providers that integrate the 4px tracking API also provide updates on the status of your parcel, including delayed deliveries. The status update could be in respect of delays by the airline, at the delivery depot, or while waiting for the parcel to be processed for delivery. 

How do I Get Updates From the 4px Tracking System? 

Individuals experience anxiety when they have to wait longer than expected for delivery. Customers are also frustrated when there is no information about the orders. In most cases, they contact the seller to confirm the status of their package. However, 4px tracking, through its updates, minimizes the risk of direct calls to sellers. 4px tracking’s delivery updates offer customers the peace of mind needed to thrive in their everyday lives pending when the delivery is completed. You can receive updates from the 4px tracking system when you:

  • Visit the 4px tracking website at
  • Insert your unique parcel tracking number in the “our services” section located at the corner of the home screen.
  • Click on the ‘track’ option
  • If you want to track more than one order, use the “enter” button after each record to separate the orders.

Call the 4px tracking customer service or send an email for further inquiries.


Using 4px package tracker may not be able to avoid every delay because delays are inevitable in cross-border transactions. You are however entitled to updates on when your parcel has been received, processed, dispatched, picked up, and delivered to you. 4px tracking customers are kept in the loop at every phase of the post-purchase experience. Ultimately, there are limitless possibilities you can explore when using the 4px tracking system for an improved online shopping experience.

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