The sad tale of Larry Ray moving into his daughter Talia Ray’s college room in Hulu’s new docuseries Stolen Youth: Inside the Sarah Lawrence cult horrified audiences, but where is Talia now?


Through psychological manipulation, sexual coercion, financial extortion, and habitual emotional and physical abuse, Larry Ray isolated numerous of his daughter’s housemates over the course of more than ten years, destabilising their lives.

Larry Ray, 63, was sentenced to 60 years in jail this month after being found guilty of federal offences such as sex trafficking, extortion, and racketeering in April 2022.
Where is his daughter Talia Ray now? She was his entryway into the lives of these impressionable college kids.

Teresa Ray, Ray’s ex-wife, reported him for allegedly hitting her and filed for divorce in 2004. However, things changed unexpectedly when the police showed up.

Talia and Ava, who were just four years old at the time, were allegedly being abused by Teresa and some of her family, according to Larry. According to reports, Ray, who had been given temporary custody of the daughters, detailed the maternal abuse in blog postings and claimed some of them were written by Talia.

Despite this, police were unable to find any proof that Teresa or her family had maltreated the kids, and a forensic examination revealed that Ray had instructed his daughters on how to make false accusations against their mother to the police.

Ray was finally successful in court after a protracted legal battle and was eventually charged with interfering with child custody and contempt of court leading to a six-month jail sentence. Talia reportedly chose to live in youth shelters rather than with Teresa, The Cut reports.


Talia Ray appears to have kept a low profile lately. Talia does not appear to have talked publicly about the matter, despite having testified in Ray’s trial that he forced one cult victim, Claudia Drury, into prostitution for years in exchange for millions for fictitious property damage.

According to The New York Post, Talia talked about the breakup of her connection with her younger sister Ava in an emotional 2015 video that has since been removed.

“My sister, Ava, will turn 15 tomorrow. She was in kindergarten when we were separated. God, it’s been so long that I have no idea what Ava thinks, what she has heard, or even how she handled the abrupt  loss of our relationship.”

“Our mother won’t let us speak,” Talia said in the video. “She hasn’t let us speak ever since we were separated.”

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