On September 20th, Twitch announced that, from October 18th, numerous types of gambling would be banned, including slot machines, roulette, and dice games. Many renowned creators on and off Twitch were quick to respond positively to the platform’s decision to eliminate gambling content following months of heated debate.

Traditional gambling content has struggled to find a stable home on Twitch. Popularity-wise, gambling and gambling sponsors have been criticized by several content creators.

Some of Twitch’s most popular streamers have recently received sponsorship from online gambling companies, sparking calls from both inside and outside the network for gambling videos to be removed or strictly policed.

Twitch announced on September 20 that it will remove numerous types of gambling material in the near future, putting an end to a heated discussion among its viewers and creators.

Within minutes of tweeting its verdict, streamers inundated the announcement with reactions, with the vast majority of them supporting it.

As Pokimane says, “We did it y’all.”

After the bombshell debt revelation by fellow broadcaster Slicker, OTV member, and popular Twitch streamer Pokimane took adopted a hard anti-gambling stance. Pokimane, Mizkif, and a number of other streamers rapidly began using the #TwitchStopGambling hashtag and even considered a strike against the platform.

Pokimane commended the efforts of her fans and supporters shortly after the news of Twitch’s policy amendment became public knowledge. As Pokimane phrased it, “We did it y’all,” claiming that the public pressure exerted by her viewers was decisive in getting Twitch to reverse its gambling policy.

Confusion and Disbelief on The Part of Asmongold

Asmongold, OTK’s co-owner, and creator reacted with utter surprise to the sudden change in policy. Asmongold, like many other anti-gambling activists, had little faith that Twitch would ever crackdown on betting during its live broadcasts.

Asmongold’s Stunned Response Was, “holy Crap They Actually Accomplished It”

Twitch has a policy that says “gambling is not allowed.” The response of the generally silent website to the community-driven request surprised the veteran streamer, and it surprised many others as well.

Ludwig Is Pleased by The Choice Made by The Previous Platform

Many previous Twitch content makers also jumped into the subsequent debate. Even if Ludwig Ahgren is one of the most prominent figures to switch from Twitch to YouTube, he supports the move to eliminate gambling on Twitch in the near future.

Ludwig hailed the change as Twitch’s “biggest policy overhaul in 2022.”

Ludwig, like many other streamers, is a strong advocate for limiting gambling. He has advocated for a ban on gambling sponsors or for requiring gamblers to use their own money instead of receiving funding from sponsors.

There Will Be Fights, Myth Tells His Audience

Myth is one of the most recent Twitch stars to sign an exclusive YouTube deal. Although he has already switched to YouTube, Myth nevertheless gave his old platform the credit it deserved.

While the streamer is pleased with Twitch’s efforts to date, he or she has cautioned that this decision is likely to spark discussion among streaming fandom.

Although Disappointed by The Change, Ninja Still Praises Twitch

One of the many people who praised Twitch’s move to ban gambling content was the streamer known as “Ninja,” who famously went unpartnered to try out his radical new approach to streaming. Despite being a frequent participant in high-stakes betting broadcasts, Ninja has spoken out in favor of the decision, calling it a “huge step in the right direction.”

Undoubtedly one of the most contentious topics on the network, Twitch has finally put to rest versions of the iconic streams involving gambling.

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