Just two months after making his red carpet debut with Jade Bender, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” star Simu Liu revealed that he is going through a split.

‘Senior Year’ star Jade Bender and Simu Liu made their red carpet debut together just two months ago at the ESPY Awards, but it now seems the two have broken up after making a few public appearances together, according to femalefirst.co.uk.

Liu was speaking at the Dreamforce 2022 conference in San Francisco last week when he was questioned about mental health as a result of a social media post addressing the need to “prioritize” his health, according to SFGate.com.

He responded: “I’m fine, really. I’m learning to prioritize myself, and I’m getting more used to the idea of counseling and other support systems. Just now did I realize how exhausted I was. I have had experiences where I feel like I am living my dream but am not quite where I need to be with myself.

“In addition, I’m going through a breakup. That’s probably also making a difference, but it’s alright; I’ll be alright.”

His remarks follow an admission he made lately regarding the influence “Shang-Chi” has had on his life as he adjusts to fame.

Simu Liu Is Going Through a Breakup

He clarified earlier this month on Instagram: “This tiny film, which debuted exactly one year ago, had a profound impact on my life. The journey has been nothing less than the best of all time, but after some thought, I’ve realized that this life also has a steep price.

“I suddenly found myself in a stratosphere I had no right being in, and I was dreadfully unprepared to handle the psychological effects of a life lived in public.

“I felt like I was slaying all of my talk show appearances and interviews, beating the learning curve, but I was also neglecting to spend the essential time to check in with myself and prioritize my mental health.”

Following the premiere of the movie, he admitted that he almost burned out from working on five movies, a memoir, and four other projects at once.

Further, he said: “I worked so hard that I was almost worn out. While I am SO proud of my accomplishments and work ethic, I am aware that something needs to change in order for me to move on.

“I’m therefore extremely happy today, the anniversary of the release of “Shang-Chi,” because I’m in therapy and putting my health first. I’m recovering and progressing well toward my goal of becoming a good and decent man rather than just a superhero.”

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