Nathan Millard, who went missing on February 23 and whose body was found two weeks later, had reportedly traveled to Baton Rouge to scout out a potential job for his construction company.

About Millard’s Case

Derrick “Stanka” Perkins, a 45-year-old alleged heroin dealer, is accused of unlawfully disposing of Millard’s body in the lot next to Scenic Highway.

As previously reported, he claimed to have picked up Millard and two other drug seekers on February 23 and that they spent hours driving around in his car “getting high” on crack cocaine.

Nathan Millard

The two women were picked up by the suspect after Millard allegedly told him he wanted “white girls” and they allegedly started using drugs with the Georgia guy at a residence on Lorri Burgess Avenue.

Before smoking crack while waiting for the three to finish having sex, Perkins allegedly used Millard’s bank card to purchase other products.

He stated that after the gang failed to attempt to revive Millard with CPR and dumped the body, Barner attempted to administer Narcan, a medication used to counteract overdoses, to Millard.

Nathan’s Cause of Death

Due to the combined effects of cocaine, fentanyl, and ethanol discovered in his blood, the death of Georgia father Nathan Millard has been considered an unintentional overdose.

Nathan with his wife

Millard, 42, was discovered wrapped in plastic, rolled up in a carpet, and discarded in a deserted lot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The results of an autopsy were announced on Tuesday, and they revealed no signs of internal or external damage.

According to WBRZ, the ethanol in his bloodstream indicated that he had been drinking before his death.

East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner Dr. William “Beau” Clark issued a statement to Fox 5 Atlanta saying, “Our thoughts and prayers extend to Mr. Millard’s family and friends.”

Nathan’s Family

On March 6, Millard’s wife, Amber, allegedly got a call claiming that he might have been given “bad drugs” as part of a purported Perkins scam to obtain payment for discovering the remains.

Nathan with his daughter

Their 7-year-old daughter Amber, two teenage boys from a previous marriage, and two teenage stepsons are all left behind.


Nathan Millard, the man who went missing, was found dead 2 weeks later. His cause of death has been ruled to be an accidental overdose. Investigation and search for the suspect, Derrick Perkins, is still going on.

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