In a decisive step towards combating the prevalent practice of password-sharing, Hulu, the streaming giant under Disney’s umbrella, has officially announced stringent measures to restrict the sharing of accounts outside of individual households. This strategic move aligns closely with the actions previously taken by Disney+ and signals a unified approach by Disney-owned streaming platforms in tackling the persistent challenge of account sharing.


On January 31, 2024, Hulu initiated communication with its subscriber base, notifying them of a crucial update to the subscriber agreement. The revised terms now explicitly forbid the sharing of accounts beyond the confines of the user’s household. The agreement, slated to take effect on March 14, provides a precise definition of a ‘household’ – the collection of devices associated with the subscriber’s primary personal residence and used by the individuals residing therein.

According to the updated terms, subscribers are explicitly informed that, “Unless otherwise permitted by your Service Tier, you may not share your subscription outside of your household.” Moreover, Hulu reserves the right to analyze account usage to ensure compliance with the new agreement. In case of any violation, the streaming service retains the authority to take corrective actions, including limiting or terminating access to the service.

This strategic move by Hulu closely follows a similar initiative by Disney+ towards the end of the preceding year. The synchronized efforts across Disney-owned streaming platforms underscore a concerted industry-wide approach to combat the growing challenge of account sharing. The decision to enforce stricter measures aligns with comments made by Disney CEO Bob Iger in August, where he disclosed the company’s intention to explore strategies addressing account sharing and fostering monetization, slated to roll out sometime in 2024.


The success of Netflix in curbing password-sharing, reflected in two consecutive quarters of significant subscriber growth (22 million combined), has undeniably influenced competitors like Hulu. Observing Netflix’s triumph in the space, streaming platforms are increasingly adopting similar strategies. These involve identifying accounts engaged in password-sharing and encouraging users to subscribe, potentially opting for more cost-effective ad-supported tiers.

Hulu, a trailblazer in the streaming industry since its launch in 2008, has historically allowed account sharing without explicit restrictions. However, the recent policy update signifies a paradigm shift in approach as the streaming landscape evolves. Streaming platforms are now proactively implementing more stringent measures to safeguard their content and simultaneously drive revenue.

As Hulu joins the ranks of streaming services addressing password-sharing, subscribers are urged to carefully review the updated subscriber agreement to ensure compliance. Adhering to these new terms becomes imperative to avoid potential disruptions to their streaming access. This development is reflective of the streaming industry’s dynamic nature, with platforms adapting swiftly to emerging challenges while prioritizing the interests of paying subscribers.


The evolving landscape of streaming services brings forth the necessity for these platforms to strike a delicate balance between user convenience and safeguarding their economic interests. The implementation of stricter measures against password-sharing indicates a proactive stance by Hulu to ensure that subscribers are individuals genuinely contributing to the service’s revenue stream.

In conclusion, Hulu’s recent announcement of a password-sharing crackdown, in alignment with Disney+, marks a pivotal moment in the streaming industry’s ongoing battle against unauthorized account access. As the landscape continues to evolve, streaming platforms are compelled to take decisive actions to protect their content and ensure the sustained growth of the industry.

Hulu’s move exemplifies its commitment to adapting to these challenges while prioritizing the interests of its paying subscribers. Subscribers, in turn, are encouraged to stay informed and compliant with the updated terms to continue enjoying uninterrupted access to the streaming service.

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