On a date with a budding writer, the actress Constance Wu claims she was sexually assaulted early in her career.

The 40-year-old actress revealed in her soon-to-be-released autobiography, “Making a Scene,” that she was able to block out the alleged incident from her memory for many years before it suddenly came flooding back when she became famous in Hollywood after working on “Crazy Rich Asians,” according to aceshowbiz.com.

She spoke of her claimed rapist, Ty, whom she identified in the book.

As quoted by Vanity Fair in advance of its October 4 publication, Wu stated, “When Ty asked me out on a date, it felt like I had been invited to the popular kids’ table. He was 36 and a real New Yorker. Ty was tall and broad-shouldered. He had the kind of skin where you could tell he probably had freckles on his shoulders.

The alleged rape, she stated, happened at Ty’s apartment during her second date with him.

She recalled, “He touched me between my legs, and I shyly pushed him away, but he could feel my desire. He took off his pants and started putting the condom on, which was obviously a signal for sex, which I did not want. So I said, ‘Oh god, I’m sorry, I’m not ready to have sex with you.'”

She said, however, that Ty persisted and was “Really, I’m not ready for sex,” I reiterated as seriously as I could, my face burning, the author wrote.

Constance Wu Says She Was Raped By Keen Writers During Date

Then he softly pushed my legs apart while still smiling at me as if I were a kitten, held me close, and kissed me.”

He wanted me to stay over, but I just… gave up. I regret that it occurred. I mumbled an explanation about needing to return to my apartment for my face care routine, and I said sorry a million times.

More than ten years later, she recalled the experience, saying, “I was on a plane from Singapore, where I had finished filming ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ and I’d just woken up from a nap when the realization hit me like a torrent. Ty raped me. He raped me, and I hadn’t done anything about it.

She continued, “I did not consent to sex. Maybe it wasn’t violent, but it was rape. Period. An odd sound involuntarily croaked out of my throat, almost a squawk. Embarrassed, I hoped no one on the plane heard me. My heart was pounding. For a split second, I panicked. But then I talked myself out of the panic.

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