Due to hacking concerns, a 17-year-old was detained in Oxfordshire yesterday. They are apparently tied to a previous hack on Uber and the GTA 6 hack that led to a significant information release last weekend, according to writer Matthew Keys and individuals who spoke to them. In accordance with this source, the arrest was carried out by the FBI and London City Police.

The National Cyber Crime Unit of the NCA UK has made an arrest in Oxfordshire as a result of an investigation, according to information that has been validated by the London City Police.

No confirmation has been given by the authorities as to whether the person was detained in connection with the GTA 6 hack, but later today, the London City Police will release an additional statement, according to journalist Matthew Keys. It’s possible that the FBI may shortly issue a statement.

The GTA 6 hacker had made public earlier in the week that they were seeking to negotiate a “deal” with Rockstar (thanks Gamebyte), but since then, nothing has been heard from them.

Many other developers posted their own early game builds to demonstrate that the GTA 6 that the world might see due to the leaks wasn’t likely to match the final product. Rockstar Games did come out to confirm that the leaked materials were authentic, which caused an outpouring of industry support.

According to Matthew Keys, the hacker detained on Thursday is thought to be affiliated with the “Lapsus$” gang. Telegram, a public encrypted messaging software, is also thought to be used by them for organization and communication.

We’ll have to wait and see if this claimed hacker was indeed responsible for the GTA 6 leak because as of right now, neither the police nor any other authorities have provided any other information regarding the arrest.

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