Want to know the latest on the Yumble startup from Shark Tank season 10? We know Yumble’s worth, how it appeared on the ABC reality series, and how its failed contract with former Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel came about.

Joanna Parker, the company’s founder, detailed why she decided to start Yumble, a subscription service for kid-friendly meals, in the press and on the show after growing weary of feeding her three kids.

In 2018, she admitted to Inc., “I found it tough and upsetting to put healthy things in front of my kids and [have] them chuck it on the floor.” I created it mostly in response to a personal problem.

On Shark Tank, Joanna and her husband David Parker asked for a lot. For a 4% ownership in Yumble, they demanded $500,000, but they received a bite.

Owners of Yumble

The narrative of Joanna Parker and David Parker, who founded Yumble, is particularly fascinating because it centers on their personal lives. Joanna Parker was a homemaker who used to grow weary of providing hot meals at the same time every morning. Her husband and she talked about this and discovered that it was a common problem.

So rather than just carrying on with the same routine every day, they chose to advance that. Since Yumble offers wholesome and fresh meals for children, it was the perfect solution to this issue. Whereas other people need to purchase a membership for a week or month, the pair created their own application.

In 2016, Yumble was established in New York. Yumblekids.com is the home page for Yumble. When Joanna Parker discovered the solution to this specific issue, she suddenly became an entrepreneur.

Bethenny Frankel’s Offer Suggested Yumble Had an $8.3 Million Net Worth

In the 10th season of the show, Joanna and David pitched Yumble to the Sharks, noting they’re $1.3 million in sales up to that time. With samples of the Yumble chicken poppers and empanadas, they astounded the Sharks.

During the presentation, David said, “Yumble is a weekly subscription that delivers healthy, fresh, and tasty kid meals right to the doors of busy parents, no cooking required.” Additionally, “every meal we provide includes a fun activity and group to keep your kids interested and involved.”

Who wants to join us in permanently relieving parents of the stress associated with mealtimes? asked Joanna.

The sharks were appropriately impressed. Kevin O’Leary mentioned that the meal package firm Plated, one of his earlier Shark Tank projects, sold to the grocery store giant Albertsons for $300 million. O’Leary was concerned about the “customer acquisition issue,”, particularly in light of the competition from businesses like Whole Foods, which is owned by Amazon.

Frankel, though, accepted the concept and finally decided to provide $500,000 in exchange for a 6% ownership position in the company. That calculation indicated that the company’s net value at the time was roughly $8.3 million.

The Covid-19 Epidemic Hasn’t Stopped the Company from Operating

The Covid-19 Epidemic Hasn't Stopped the Company from Operating

This April, Joanna provided Forbes with an update on Yumble. She claimed that the couple’s agreement with Frankel ultimately broke down. Even with the coronavirus problem, the company has expanded significantly since its Shark Tank deals.

Our first course of action, she added, “when COVID initially struck, was to make sure that all of our operations and supply chains were strong enough to support what was about to come our way. In the event that any of our systems reached their capacity, we created backup procedures.

Additionally, she has recently made some hires. Since providing excellent customer service is our top concern, we were aware that we needed to expand our CX team and give customers more hours and days to contact the team, she told the magazine.

Currently, Yumble provides parents all throughout the nation with quick, wholesome meals for children. One pleased user said on the Yumble website, “Yumble is a lifeline and has drastically revolutionized mealtime for us. My 3- and 5-year-old children eat healthy meals with vegetables every day, and we are saving time by no longer making two separate menus every night.

Does Yumble Still Operate?

Does Yumble Still Operate?

Since becoming Yumble’s spokesman and utilizing her celebrity to spread the word, Bethenny has contributed to the company’s growth. They frequently come up with new recipes, which makes Yumble more approachable.

Interesting Facts:

  • Yumble’s fascinating facts include the following:
  • Yumble offers wholesome, freshly prepared meals.
  • It has several delicatessens.
  • It started as a result of Joanna Parker’s aggravation or annoyance with having to prepare healthy meals every morning.
  • The estimated worth of Yumble is $8.3 million.
  • Having supper with “No Cooking Required” makes things simple.


Yumble is a successful company that offers freshly prepared, wholesome meals and has several delicatessens. It was founded due to founder Joanna Parker’s frustration with having to prepare healthy meals daily. Yumble’s estimated net worth is $8.3 million, offering a solution for those looking for a simple “no cooking required” meal option.

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