Yasin Cengiz, well known by the name Tummy Dancer, is a well-known Turkish social media influencer, media personality, content developer, musician, online celebrity, and businessman from Istanbul.

This skilled man is also known as Tummy Dancer in the business. On TikTok, Yasin is well known for his incredible dancing videos. With his official TikTok account, he amassed over 7 million followers. He dances with strangers in many of his videos.

In addition to this, he also worked on his incredible videos with a variety of well-known people, TikTok stars, models, and singers. Moreover, Cengiz creates content and performs music. He produces videos primarily in Dubai. In addition to this, Cengiz has also worked on his TikTok videos with renowned chef CZN Burak.

In addition to this, Yasin has visited several different nations. In March 2021, he started posting videos to TikTok. He quickly gains a large following on social networking sites. In addition to this, he has worked with a lot of well-known internet celebrities. For more information about Yasin Cengiz, read this article.

What Is Yasin Cengiz’s Net Worth?

Full Real NameYasin Cengiz.
Also Known AsTummy Dancer.
Place of BirthIstanbul, Turkey.
Current ResidenceDubai, United Arab Emirates.
Net worth$1 million

Yasin Cengiz’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2023. His skills as a Turkish social media personality, TikTok star, and content creator have allowed him to amass this astounding fortune. Yasin’s TikTok video “Dom Dom,” which he posted in April 2022, has been credited with propelling him to prominence.

His skills have since been recognized by innumerable fans and followers all around the world, and he has already established himself as a household figure on the internet. Yasin has significantly increased his wealth thanks to his sudden surge in fame.

In fact, according to some web claims, he has amassed a million dollars as a result of his affiliation with just one tune. Yasin continues to be committed to his profession and produce interesting content for his audience in spite of his newfound wealth.

The Early Life of Yasin Cengiz: From Farming to Fame

The Early Life of Yasin Cengiz

Yasin Cengiz was raised in a middle-class family and was born on January 1st, 1990, in Turkey. His family’s agricultural heritage influenced him early in life, and in Antalya he started working in the industry at a young age.

Yasin enjoyed entertaining his many friends while laboring in the countryside with his distinctive dance movements and outstanding tummy manipulation abilities. He was endowed with one of the largest stomachs as well as the capacity to control it, which allowed him to perform one of the most intriguing dances.

Despite the demanding nature of his employment, Yasin never lost his love of amusing others. His early experiences paved the way for his eventual success as a TikTok star and social media influencer, and he still serves as an inspiration to others with his inventiveness and commitment to his work.

The Journey of Yasin Cengiz on TikTok

Early in 2021, Yasin made his debut on TikTok. He made a number of videos at his job throughout the course of the following year. His extraordinary body control while using farm equipment was displayed in every one of his videos. About 5 million people have seen each of these videos.

When Yasin discovered the ideal tune to complement his flow in April 2022, he shot to fame. No song fit Yasin’s rhythms nearly as well as Biser King’s hit “Dom Dom,” as entertaining as it was to watch Yasin move his belly to a variety of different beats.

By the end of January 2022, Biser King published a TikTok video of them performing the song live before it was formally released. In a little less than a year, that video received 18 million views. This ambiance music first gained popularity as a TikTok trend.

From Viral Dances to Brand Deals

From Viral Dances to Brand Deals

In his clip, Yasin used a song by Baiser and posted it to TikTok. It evolved into the “Dom Dom” use trend that was most prevalent. In barely three months, Yasin’s interpretation of the interpretive dance footage received over 28 million views.

It seems the videos kept gaining views after going viral in ways he could never have imagined. He often received 20 million views for each video. Yasin has established himself as one of the rising talents as of April 2022.

He demonstrated his outstanding dance prowess to the public the next month. He routinely talked with the locals he encountered in cities like Abu Dhabi and Istanbul.

He soon met other Turkish celebrities, including Chef CZN Burak. They worked together on Yasin’s most popular TikTok. In just 7 months, that video received over 95 million views. Yasin started working with companies like Daim Tobacco, which paid him significantly more than he had ever been paid at his potato farm employment.

Is Yasin Cengiz Still Alive? Death Rumors

Yasin Cengiz made headlines in February 2023 as a result of online death rumors that spread quickly. According to HITC, as people began posting R.I.P. tributes on TikTok, word of Yasin’s passing initially spread there.

Who broke this news, though, is yet unknown. Then, Yasin’s supporters began looking up his current whereabouts. Yasin Cengiz is still alive and well in February 2023, according to media sources. Cengiz is well-known for his tummy dance videos on TikTok, let me tell you that much.


Yasin Cengiz, known as Tummy Dancer, is a popular Turkish social media influencer, content creator, musician, and businessman. He has gained fame through his dancing videos on TikTok, amassing over 7 million followers on the platform.

Cengiz has also worked with various celebrities, such as Chef CZN Burak. He has visited different countries and gained a massive following worldwide.

Yasin’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million in 2023. He started his TikTok journey in March 2021, and his fame skyrocketed after his “Dom Dom” video went viral. Despite his newfound wealth, Cengiz remains committed to his profession and continues to produce engaging content for his audience.

He was born in Istanbul in 1990 and worked in the agricultural sector in Antalya, where he entertained his friends with his unique dance movements and outstanding tummy manipulation abilities. There were online rumors of his death in February 2023, but it was later confirmed that he is still alive.

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