Taylor Lautner’s career really took off when he was cast as the werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight movies. The actor may have had some memorable roles before that, like Sharkboy in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, but he’s still better known for his time in the Twilight movies. Even now, that’s still the case.

Lautner, on the other hand, kept busy after Twilight. In the past few years, the actor has been in a number of movies. He also worked on projects that were made up of several parts from time to time. With all the hard work he’s done since the Twilight movies, it’s no surprise that Lautner is worth a lot of money today.

Since his first role in “Twilight,” Taylor Lautner has signed on for other TV and movie roles.

As soon as Lautner became known because of Twilight, he was getting offers for roles left and right. In fact, he got a part in the group romantic comedy Valentine’s Day, in which he had scenes with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. Later, Lautner also had roles in movies like “Abduction,” “Run the Tide,” and “Tracers.”

taylor lautner net worth

The actor also tried his hand at television from time to time over the years. Lautner first got a part in the comedy-horror film Scream Queens.

During his time on the show, the actor told ET Canada that he had to get used to a more spontaneous way of making movies. He said that the show’s creators only told him “enough about the character, but that was it.”

The actor got a part in the British comedy Cuckoo not long after that. Lautner said of the Project, “In my head, it didn’t make much sense, which is why it made perfect sense.” “Well, I had to get used to their sense of humour for a moment. It’s a little bit more sarcastic and drier.”

Taylor Lautner has always worked with the same person over the past few years.

Since he stopped being in the Twilight movies, Lautner has been in a number of movies that comedian Adam Sandler made. The Twilight star made a cameo appearance in the 2013 movie Grown Ups 2, which also starred Kevin James, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek, David Spade, and Maya Rudolph. This is how they met.

taylor lautner net worth

And even though Lautner had already been in a lot of movies, he said that being around so many stars was still a lot to take in.

“I loved. I was scared…,” Lautner told Games Radar. “But, I mean, I wanted to do it because of that. I mean, these guys and Salma are the best at what they do, and I learned a lot from working with them. I mean, it’s just a lot of fun.”

The actor even said, “We don’t laugh this much on the Twilight sets.”

Sandler, on the other hand, was very impressed by the fans that Lautner had gained from his time on Twilight.

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