Sophia Loren is one of the legendary actresses and the last few surviving major stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood. She is extremely popular for her beauty and acting skills in Hollywood as well as in foreign movies.

As of today, the actress is 88 years old and living in legacy. She is also felicitated with several awards honoring her career. This Italian beauty has ruled over the hearts for several decades.

Considering her bedazzled career and fame, fans keep speculating about the immense fortune she might have collected by now. If you are curious too, read ahead to know more about the Italian beauty and her riches.

Sophia Loren and her timeless beauty

Early life and career

Sophia was born Sofia Villani Scicolone on 20 September 1988 in Rome, Italy. Her mother was a piano teacher and her father was a construction engineer. However, her father refused to marry her mother even after sharing another child, her sister Maria in 1938.

Since her father abandoned them, they were left with no financial aid. Sophia recalls meeting her father only ever three times. Due to the lack of proper funds, she took to pageantry at the age of 15, signing up for Miss Italia as Sofia Lazzaro.

She was selected as one of the last three finalists and won the title of Miss Elegance 1950.

Sophia Loren

After that, at the age of 16, Sofia Lazzaro enrolled herself at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. She soon began appearing in several films for small parts.

She finally got her lead role in Two Nights With Cleopatra. Her breakthrough role was in The Gold of Naples. She went on to act in several other films over the next few years.

In 1958, she signed a five-picture contract with Paramount Pictures and soon became an International star. By the 1960s Sophia was one of the most prominent actresses in the world and achieved immense success.

Sophia Loren during her glory days

Loren’s performance earned her many awards, including the Cannes Film Festival’s best performance prize, and an Academy Award For Best Actress, the first major Academy Award for a non-English-language performance, or to an Italian actress.

She won 22 international awards for Two Women. The film was extremely well received by critics and a huge commercial success. Though proud of this accomplishment, Loren did not show up to this award, citing fear of fainting at the award ceremony. Nevertheless, Cary Grant telephoned her in Rome the next day to inform her of the Oscar award.

Sophia Loren, as of today

She kept ruling the film world but, decided to make her film presence rare in the 1980s. She recently appeared in the film The Life Ahead (2020) at the age of 86.

Networth and fame

Loren received immense popularity and earned endless respect. She also amassed a wealth of over $150 million.

Her life and legacy have been celebrated by many and she even received the Academy Honorary Award in 1991.

Sophia continues to shine like a bright star and we hope the legend lives a long and healthy life.

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