German businessman Rainer Schaller is well known for founding and leading the RSG Group, which owns the McFit, John Reed, and Gold’s Gym fitness centers.

Very recently, Schaller made news once more when a private plane carrying him, Christiane Schikorsky, their kids, and a fitness instructor to Costa Rica went missing.

Rainer Schaller’s Background

On January 4th, 1969, Rainer Schaller was born in Bamberg, West Germany. With his parents and brother, he was raised in the Upper Franconian town of Schlüsselfeld. Schaller did poorly in school and continued in the ninth grade.

He has a successful brother named Gerd Schaller, who simultaneously studied music and medicine and is now a conductor. His personality was “uncannily” influenced by his brother’s intellect.

What Is The Net Worth Of Rainer Schaller In 2022?

Rainer Schaller Net Worth

The estimated value of Rainer Schaller’s net worth in 2022 is $246 million. Over the past 25 years, Schaller has been successful in turning the formerly “open-to-all gym” into an internationally functioning company with 41.000 employees, including franchisees, at roughly 1.000 locations in 48 countries.

Net Worth:$246 Million
Name:Rainer Schaller
Height:1.82 m (6 ft)
Salary & Income:$40 Million Per Year
Last Updated:2022

With more than 20 brands that “cover 360 degrees surrounding the customer,” he has steadily expanded his company. Even after Gold’s Gym filed for bankruptcy in 2020, he purchased it for $100 million.

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Rainer Schaller’s Career

Rainer Schaller Net Worth

With the McFit brand, Schaller entered the cheap market. By the middle of 2006, he ran 62 fitness centers in Germany with 1,000 permanent staff members and 400,000 clients. In 2011, with more than 1 million members, he surpassed other European fitness studio operators to become the largest.

After that, he expanded his clientele and diversified his firm. In 2018, Rainer subsequently employed Vito Scavo to handle the operational management of his holding business.

RSG Group is the new name of Schaller’s parent company as of August 2019. The company soon expanded to include 12 fitness chains, including John Reed, McFit, and High 5. He bought Gold’s Gym, which was bankrupt as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, within a year.

By the end of 2020, Schaller had further improved in his line of work. By then, his business had 17 different brands under management and 41,000 employees spread throughout 48 nations. Additionally, Schaller’s business conglomerate was in charge of 1,000 or more studios.

In addition to running Schaller’s business empire, he served as managing director of Lopavent in 2006. The Love Parade, a well-known electronic dance music festival, was produced by the firm until 2010. Schaller promoted McFit’s studios by planning the event.

2010 saw Schaller facing criticism for the stampede that occurred at the Love Parade in Duisburg. 652 people were hurt and 21 people died as a result of the incident. He appeared in court as a witness to the collision in 2018. He had admitted moral guilt for the mishap, but no charges were brought against him.

Personal Life and Relationships

Rainer Schaller Net Worth

Christiane Schikorsky, Rainer Schaller’s longtime girlfriend, and he were dating. Aaron and Finja were the parents of two children. On October 21, Rainer was flying a Piaggio P. 180 Avanti to Mexico with his family.

However, while en route from Palenque, Mexico, the airplane carrying the German millionaire and his family abruptly vanished. The bodies of an adult and a minor were discovered during the search operation, according to information released by Costa Rica’s public security ministry the following day on Saturday.

At 6:58 p.m., the plane was supposed to land, but sadly, it lost contact at 2,000 feet in the air. Five German citizens were on board the Piaggio 180 plane, according to Jorge Torres, Costa Rica’s minister of public security.

Schaller and his family were on the plane, a McFit spokesman later confirmed. According to the sources, Schaller is one of the six fatalities from the plane disaster.

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German businessman Rainer Schaller had $246 million estimated net worth. He is one of the richest Merchants & is listed as the most popular Merchant. He is a successful businessman from Germany best known for founding and leading the RSG Group, which owns the McFit, John Reed, and Gold’s Gym fitness centers.

Schaller and Christiane Schikorsky are parents to two children, Finja and Aaron. Whenever Schaller and his family go on vacation, they like to travel.

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