KSI is a rapper and YouTube star from England who has amassed a fortune of $25 million. The British music business regards KSI as a major player. He was born in England and has found tremendous success in his chosen field.

Additionally, KSI is widely recognized as a massively popular YouTuber with tens of millions of followers. He has received widespread recognition and praise for his work. KSI first gained notoriety as a member of the British YouTube crew Sidemen.

He’s a part of the crew, and he’s the one that brought them to prominence. In addition to that, KSI manages a number of separate enterprises. He helped start the Prime Hydration and XIX Vodka beverage companies, as well as the Sides restaurant group.

As a result, KSI’s career has taken off to new heights. His discography as a rapper includes two studio albums, a handful of EPs, and a few singles. KSI has also appeared in a number of films, TV episodes, and web series in acting roles.

Personal Information

Net Worth:$25 Million
Salary:$2 Million +
Monthly Income:$175,000 +
Date of Birth:June 19, 1993
Profession:English YouTuber and rapper

KSI Biography

ksi net worth

Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, well known by his stage name KSI, is a globally renowned English celebrity. Williams was born on June 19, 1993, in the town of Watford, Hertfordshire, England.

Williams’s mother, Yinka, is from England, and his father, Jide, is from Nigeria, therefore the family settled in Watford, where Williams spent the majority of his youth. Williams was brought up in an English household and has a renowned YouTuber sibling.

To this day, the two remain England’s two most popular YouTubers. Williams entered the entertainment business since it was his lifelong goal. He took up boxing later on and found that he really enjoyed it.

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KSI’s full name is Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, however, he is most commonly referred to by his initials, JJ. The media mogul has the words “Knowledge, Strength, Integrity” tattooed all over his body, from which the term “KSI” is derived.

Back in 2009, when KSI first signed up for a YouTube account, he used the initials as part of his username: KSIOlajideBT. Beginning at the age of 16, he uploaded gameplay and commentary videos of the FIFA video game series from his bedroom at his parents’ house in Watford.

KSI’s channel has expanded to include both game videos and vlogs. In October of 2013, KSI co-founded the Sidemen with his childhood friend Simon Minter and a few other British YouTubers.

They sell items and make web videos that typically include challenges, skits, and commentary on video games. They went so far as to start the Sides restaurant franchise.

With the release of his first rap single in 2015, KSI began pursuing a career in music. At the moment, he has contracts with Atlantic Records and the Warner Bros. Music Group.

Recently, KSI has realized the entertainment appeal of turning political debates into boxing contests. The first one came in 2017 and involved diss tracks and insulting messages between him and British YouTuber Joe Weller.

The following year, he fought and tied with Logan Paul. The next year, the two YouTubers met again for a rematch, and this time KSI took home the victory.

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Personal Life

ksi net worth

Nobody knew for sure who KSI was dating during their time together, but he kept his ex-name girlfriend under wraps. Even Logan Paul, who said KSI was more powerful than Floyd Mayweather, couldn’t dispute that.

We can rule out the possibility that it was Anne Marie because we know they dated for over three years and she does not work in the music industry.

He had previously stated on the Impulsive podcast:

I’ve been with my girlfriend for over three years without telling anyone who she is, and I think that’s helped us stay together.

Logan When Paul asked KSI what field his mystery girl is employed in, KSI gave him a hint by saying, “I’d say like… mental.” Paul responded, “Oh okay, so she’s a therapist,” to which KSI simply laughed.

KSI also commented that her work is “extremely complicated… it totally goes over my head, but she breaks it down” and that she is “very smart.”

After the release of their collaborative music video for Don’t Play in January 2021, fans did speculate that the singer was actually KSI’s secret girlfriend.

But in a YouTube video at the time, KSI dispelled the rumors, saying, “My girlfriend doesn’t mind me working with Anne Marie, stop trying to force something.” No, it was definitely not Anne Marie.

KSI was a guest on the Impaulsive podcast, where he and the hosts discussed how media like social media and porn contribute to men having skewed expectations of women. Paul made a song reference to Bella Poarch’s Build a B***h, remarking on how relevant the words were to the topic at hand. Because he himself wasn’t flawless, he reasoned, he couldn’t reasonably expect his spouse to be, either.

“Having a healthy relationship takes work. Not only does it take a lot of effort and time, “In the words of KSI.

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Net Worth

First-time viewers are correct in assuming that YouTube is KSI’s only source of income. What made KSI famous was his videos on the video-sharing website YouTube. In 2008, he launched the JideJunior YouTube channel, which was the beginning of his professional career.

In 2022, KSI has amassed $30 million in wealth through numerous sources such as YouTube, boxing, music, brand sponsorship, accolades, and merchandising. KSI is also a co-founder and member of the Sidemen group and, along with Logan Paul, a co-owner of Prime Hydration, both of which bring in additional revenue.

According to Menshealth.com, by the year 2020, KSI had accumulated more than ten English properties in his name. The total worth of KSI’s properties is estimated at £10m ($12.4m).

Income Sources

YouTube, music, business, boxing, endorsements, and brand sponsorships all contribute significantly to KSI’s staggering $25 million fortune. He made almost $16 million in 2021 alone, according to The Sunday Times, after making $15 million in 2020.

YouTube Channels

With an average of 11.6 million monthly views and about 388,000 daily views, Net Worth Spot estimates that KSI’s YouTube channel is worth an additional $2.8 million. At $3–$7 per thousand views, which is about the going rate for YouTube channels, KSI’s annual revenue is well above $699.560.

According to Esquire, KSI made up to $200,000 in 2017 from AdSense and $94,000 from endorsements and sponsorships. These numbers may be much higher now, as KSI’s career is just getting started.

Music Career

Over the course of his seven-year rap career, KSI has released over 21 songs, two studio albums, and four extended plays. PopScoop and NME indicate that he has performed on three separate tours: the Jump Around Tour in 2016, the New Age Tour in 2019, and the All Over the Place Tour in 2021-22.

He has more than 5 million regular Spotify listeners thanks to his album release party, which was staged on the platform Roblox.

It’s reasonable to infer that KSI’s music career contributes significantly to his annual income.

Acting Career

KSI has been offered substantial sums of money to appear in 11 television series, 12 web series, and 3 movies.

Business Ventures

In January of 2022, KSI and Logan Paul made an investment in Prime Hydration, a new startup making energy drinks. KSI has invested in the Sides restaurant chain, XIX Vodka, and the Sidemen apparel line because he is a founding member of the Sidemen collective.

In February of 2021, KSI debuted The Online Takeover, his very own record label. Sports Pro reported later that same year that he had formed a promotional organization for boxing with Wasserman Promotions under the name Misfits Boxing.

According to a 2018 article by Heavy, KSI served as director for three UK firms with a combined stake of up to $2.2 million. Sidemen Holdings Limited is presently thought to own these firms.

Boxtuber and KSI Unleashed are two of KSI’s mobile games that can be played on iOS and Android devices.

Boxing Career

Over $13 million was made off of KSi’s two battles with Logan Paul, which were watched by 2.25 million people. Of those, 1 million paid to watch it. The combined pre-tax earnings of the two guys were close to $2 million. The second bout paid out $3 million to both competitors, with $900,000 guaranteed to each.

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