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Kronos Putters is a relatively new company that has made a big impact on the golf world with its innovative putters. The company was founded in 2014 by Phillip Williams, a lifelong golfer who saw a need for a putter that could provide consistent performance and help golfers of all levels improve their game. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Kronos Putters and their unique approach to putter design.

Innovative Design

Kronos Putters are designed to provide golfers with a more consistent and accurate putting experience. The putters feature a unique design that includes a face that is milled to precise specifications to provide a consistent roll and a centre of gravity that is aligned with the sweet spot. The putters also have a unique weighting system that provides a better feel and control over the ball.


One of the most innovative aspects of Kronos Putters is their use of a “high moment of inertia” (MOI) design. This means that the putters have a higher resistance to twisting on off-centre hits, resulting in more consistent ball speeds and less dispersion on the greens. This design is achieved through the use of a perimeter weighting system and a hollow core, which allows for a larger sweet spot and more stability.

Variety of Models

Kronos Putters offers a variety of putter models to suit different preferences and putting styles. Their flagship model is the Kronos Metronome, which features a classic blade design with a modern twist. The Metronome has a compact head and a clean, simple look that appeals to traditionalists.

For golfers who prefer a mallet-style putter, Kronos offers the Kronos Infinity, which features a unique design that provides the benefits of a high-MOI putter in a more forgiving shape. The Infinity has a distinctive look that sets it apart from other mallet putters on the market.

Other models include the Kronos Anchor, which is designed for golfers who prefer to anchor the putter to their body, and the Kronos Mandala, which has a unique alignment aid that helps golfers line up their putts more accurately.

Kronos Putters Net Worth And Shark Tank Appearance

In 2014, Philip Lapuz and Eric Williams made a presentation for their golf company, asking for $150,000 in exchange for a 15% equity stake. They emphasised the need for golf putters to be as accurate as possible. And for this reason, they oppose mass production. The goods are instead manufactured by skilled artisans by hand.

Philip’s account of how his girlfriend’s parents refused to allow him to marry their daughter shocked the Sharks to tears. Even the Sharks, particularly Kevin and Barbara started crying. Luckily, Philips later received the go-ahead and wed Tara in 2017.

The only Shark ready to take a chance was Robert Herjavec, who made a transaction of $150,000 for 30%.

The Kronos Golf founders have done a good job of expanding their company and using the funding to increase production to stay up with sales. Their items are still in high demand in Japan, where they still receive the majority of their sales.

A variety of new products have been added to Kronos’ product line, including a putter designed especially for left-handed players. There are now seven high-end putter models available.

Currently, companies like Adidas, Nike, and Callaway are selling these models. Though currently Kronos is mostly focused on Japan, they will eventually try to get into the US market.

They haven’t disclosed any recent earnings data, but it’s believed that they bring in $2 to $3 million annually.

The business is currently valued at $5 million and doing well despite rejecting mass production. The recent depreciation of the Japanese yen against the US dollar is one significant setback for the company.

Customization Options

Kronos Putters offers a range of customization options for golfers who want to personalize their putters. Golfers can choose from different finishes, including black, silver, and copper, as well as different shaft lengths and grips. The company also offers custom engraving options, allowing golfers to add their name, initials, or other personalized text to their putter.


Kronos Putters has quickly become a well-respected name in the golf world, thanks to their innovative design and commitment to quality. With a range of models to suit different preferences and customization options to make each putter unique, Kronos Putters is a company that is poised for continued success. Golfers looking to improve their putting game should definitely consider trying a Kronos Putter.

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