“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, also known as James Edward Duggan Jr., is an American professional wrestler. He has a Legends deal with WWE. His most well-known role is that of an American patriot, in which he uses a 2×4 piece of wood as a weapon and shouts “Hooo!” and “USA!” during battle.

Duggan won the inaugural Royal Rumble match in 1988 for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now known as WWE), while in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), he held the titles of World Television Champion and United States Heavyweight Champion only once each.

He held the IWA World Heavyweight Championship while he was a world champion in wrestling. In 2011, Duggan was admitted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

A Brief Biography Of Jim Duggan

A Brief Biography Of Jim Duggan

James Edward Duggan Jr., an American of English and Scottish ancestry, was born on January 14, 1954, in Glens Falls, New York State. In high school, Duggan developed into a devoted athlete who excelled in football, track, basketball, and wrestling. He was the first Glens Falls wrestler to win the New York State High School wrestling title.

He studied applied plant biology at Southern Methodist University in Texas, where he received his undergraduate degree. After participating on the school’s football squad, he was chosen by the National Football League’s Atlanta Falcons.

He had to give up his NFL career, though, because of numerous knee injuries. He started competing in wrestling in the late 1970s, going by the ring name “Big” Jim Duggan.

He made his Mid-South Wrestling debut in 1982, started entering the ring with a 2×4, earned the moniker “Hacksaw,” and quickly won over the crowd. Later, he twice captured the North American Heavyweight Championship after winning the Mid-South Tag Team Championship first. His wealth began to increase.

What Is Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$2 Million
Date of Birth:Jan 14, 1954 (68 years old)
Place of Birth:Glens Falls
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Profession:Wrestler, Actor
Nationality:United States of America

Hacksaw American professional wrestler Jim Duggan has a $2 million dollar net worth. He gained most of his wealth while competing professionally in wrestling. In 1979, he started competing in professional wrestling, competing for Mid-South Wrestling and the Universal Wrestling Federation.

He ultimately grabbed Vince McMahon, Srattention and in 1987, he made his World Wrestling Federation debut. He later went on to triumph in the inaugural “Royal Rumble” in 1988 and continued to compete in WWF matches into the early 1990s.

He started competing for the WCW in 1994 but had to stop because of his battle with liver cancer. He came back in 1998. He has since alternated between competing for World Wrestling Entertainment and on the indie circuit.

A Career Overview Of Jim Duggan

A Career Overview Of Jim Duggan

Duggan joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1987 and engaged in his first WWF rivalry with Russian wrestler Nikolai Volkoff, with whom he competed in a number of difficult encounters.

He gained widespread recognition the following year when he defeated One Man Gang to win the first Royal Rumble. He then began rivalries with a number of formidable ‘villains,’ triumphing against King Harley Race, Dino Bravo, Bad News Brown, and Boris Zhukov.

He attained the title of “King of the WWF” in 1989 after defeating King Haku. He then started collaborating with other wrestlers, including Ax and Smash of the team Demolition, Nikolai Volkoff, and Sgt. Slaughter, achieved multiple victories that increased his fortune. But he finally lost numerous matches to Yokozuna and Bam Bam Bigelow.

When Duggan joined World Championship Wrestling in 1994, he quickly became popular after defeating Steve Austin to capture the US Heavyweight Championship.

He eventually lost his title to Vader after defending it in the following two rematches against Austin. He faced up against people like Big Bubba Rogers and Diamond Dallas Page in the ensuing years, keeping his wealth.

Duggan made a comeback to the ring in 1998 after battling kidney cancer. He competed in the independent circuit from 2001 until 2005. He made a comeback to World Wrestling Entertainment in 2005, and has since made infrequent appearances on WWE shows like “Royal Rumble,” “Heat,” “Raw,” and “Smackdown.”

He resumed his independent wrestling career in 2009 as well. In order to promote its shows and travels, Global Force Wrestling signed Duggan in 2015.

He has worked in cinema and television in addition to wrestling, bringing in additional cash through his roles in the British television program “Games Master,” the horror movie “Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies,” and a Duck Dynasty episode.

Where Is Hacksaw Jim Duggan Now?

The former WCW World Television Champion was being treated in a hospital for an urgent procedure. Thankfully, Duggan survived and started his recuperation.

On October 20, 2021, Duggan’s wife published a message asking for good wishes as the legend was getting ready for surgery. The surgery’s cause has not yet been made public as of this writing.

We are appreciative of all that Hacksaw Jim Duggan has contributed to professional wrestling and hope his future is well.

Personal life Of Jim Duggan

Celia and Rebecca are the two girls that Duggan and his wife Debra have. He is close friends with Duck Commanders owner Willie Robertson.

Personal life Of Jim Duggan

Prior to a WWF event in 1987, Duggan and The Iron Sheik were stopped by New Jersey State Police who believed Duggan had been drinking. Duggan was found to be under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, while Vaziri was cocaine-high after a search of the car and the people inside.

The car also contained trace levels of cocaine. Vaziri was given a year of probation while Duggan was given a conditional discharge.

The end of the angle, the Sheik’s release, and Duggan’s temporary exit from the WWF were all consequences of the scandal that broke out after two in-ring rivals were discovered to be drinking and doing drugs together. Duggan quickly made a comeback in the ring.


James Edward Duggan Jr., also known as “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, is a professional wrestler from the United States with a $2 million dollar net worth. His fortune was built primarily from his years as a professional wrestler.

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