American Idol’s 20th champion was announced as Noah Thompson on May 22. Even against “country girl” HunterGirl and pop princess Leah Marlene, the traditional “country boy” won the competition.

But now that Noah has won the well-liked ABC series, many of his admirers are interested in learning more about his personal life.

On American Idol, Noah discusses his infant son and the inspiration he receives from him. But Noah is a very young father—only 20 years old. So, is he married, or if not, who is the mother of his child? How does he live with his family? Noah was once just a normal guy, but he’s about to transform into a real superstar.

Does Noah Thompson Have A Wife?

One of the most important things to remember about Noah from American Idol is his connections to his native Kentucky. He frequently discusses his infant son Walker and his grandmother Karen on the program.

On the show, Noah said, “My infant son recently turned 7 months old. I have recently become a father, and my little boy is the source of all my inspiration. It amazes me that I’m even here considering that this could provide my son a new, better life.”

Now that Walker is almost a year old, Noah and his baby mama have been dating at least since 2018, even though they are not married. Angel Dixon, Noah’s girlfriend, is someone he first met in high school.

Before subsequently becoming parents, they went to prom together in 2019. Angel supported Noah throughout American Idol, and as a result, their relationship will now undergo a permanent transformation.

“Behind the scenes of all this, the candidates work very hard each and every day, making for long days and sleepless nights,” Angel wrote on Instagram just before the grand finale. I won’t lie; I can’t wait for my hubby to get home. Although it’s difficult to part ways, I am confident that God is in charge and has a plan.

Because Of The Difficulties In His Family’s Life, Noah’s Grandma Was Like His Mother

 Noah Thompson family

American Idol’s Mother’s Day episode revealed a lot about Noah’s upbringing and his interactions with his parents. He made the choice to sing Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” live in tribute to his grandmother Karen.

I am so proud of Noah, she said on the program. He has always liked music, even since he was a young child. Although I’m delighted he picked up the guitar, I honestly assumed he was going to be a drummer.

Additionally, despite being hospitalized for COVID-19 on the Mother’s Day show and singing for his grandmother, Noah still made the effort. Noah admitted, “My grandma basically raised me.”

My dad simply believed it was better for me to remain with my grandma when my parents got divorced. Noah’s grandmother stood by him the entire time, encouraging him to succeed.

When it comes to his parents, Noah grew up being close to his father. In a pre-season interview with Billboard, Noah mentioned how much his father had influenced his musical taste.

He said, “My dad has always had a significant influence on me. He played the guitar all the time. He was in a band when I was growing up, so I was exposed to a wide variety of instruments at a very young age.

Noah Thompson family

My dad composed music. All he could think about was his band’s struggle to succeed. I attended his performances with him and would sit in the audience to watch.

What about Noah’s mother? Regarding her, not much is known. Little of Noah’s mother’s tale is confirmed on American Idol because he was primarily reared by his father and grandma. Whatever the case, Noah’s loving family is really grateful for his victory.

How Did He End Up On ‘American Idol’?

Although he was employed in construction, his childhood ambition was to become a musician. But until his close friend Arthur made him sign up for an American Idol audition, he never truly had the confidence to pursue it.

In his Texas audition before the judges, Noah revealed, “We [were] literally putting sheetrock at work, and he told me he was going to sign me up for it.” “I tell them, “No, you’re not. He nevertheless carried it out.

Is Noah Thompson Married?

I never would have committed myself to something like this. Never have I felt that confident. Knowing that someone believes in you more than you do yourself is really wonderful.

“Giving You Up” by Kameron Marlowe served as Noah’s audition song. Noah received praise from the judge Lionel Richie for having a “bada** storytelling voice,” while Luke Bryan was taken aback by the teen’s accent and tone.

Noah was referred to as the “American Dream” by Katy Perry. They gave Noah a golden ticket to Hollywood, and he kept winning over viewers each new episode.

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