Italian actor, model, singer, and fashion designer Michele Morrone has roles in both Italian and Polish movies. The 31-year-old actor is well renowned for his work as a model, actor, singer, fashion symbol, and, probably most significantly, for his physical looks. He had a breakout performance in the globally popular movie 365 Days.

Over the years, Michele Morron has accumulated a sizeable fortune, which has increased dramatically as a result of the popularity of his movie 365 Days.

Family Background And Early Years

In Reggio Calabria, Italy, Michele Morrone was born on October 3, 1990. His three older sisters are the other three members of his family of four children.

When Morrone was 12 years old, his father Morrone, a construction worker, passed away. Both his mother, a seamstress named Angela Morrone, and his father, Natale, are originally from Bitonto, but they migrated to Melegnano when their kids were small in search of better career possibilities.

After seeing a Harry Potter movie at age 11, Morrone wanted to pursue a career in acting. At his middle school, he started performing in an after-school program.

After being sent back for misbehavior, Morrone repeated his freshman year of high school. Then he pursued professional acting training at the Teatro Fraschini di Pavia in the city of Pavia.

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Michele Morrone’s Professional Life

In 2011, Piergiorgio Seidita’s three-episode web series Second Chance, which was canceled after one season, marked Michele Morrone’s acting debut as Riccardo.

He also had an appearance in the Italian female group Makay’s 2012 song video. Once he had more expertise in the business, he started to play the lead in short films. Il Tempo di una Sigaretta and E la Vita Continua both featured him.

Morrone made an appearance in the drama program Che Dio ci Aiuti. He has worked on a number of films, including Medici, Come un Delfino (2011), Provaci Ancora (2015), Squadra Antimafia (2015), Sirene (2016), Renata Fonte (2017), and Il Processo (The Trial) (2018). (2018).

Michele Morrone's Net Worth

He came in second place in the 2016 season of Ballando con le Stelle, the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars. In Bar Giuseppe in 2019, Morrone performed the title character of Luigi.

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After playing the mafia criminal leader Massimo Torricelli in the movie 365 Days, Michele Morrone gained international notoriety in 2020. The movie had its theatrical debut in Poland on February 7 of 2020, and it will be made available on Netflix on the same date. In order to finish the trilogy, he signed a three-year contract with the production firm and will shoot two more movies.

Guitarist and singer Michele Morrone is a pro. He started watching YouTube tutorials to learn how to play the guitar when he was 25 years old. One of his most well-known songs, “Feel It,” which features sequences from the movie and actress Anna Maria Sieklucka (Laura Biel) in its music video, is included on the official 365 dni soundtrack. He also released an album called Dark Room. On February 14, 2020, the album—which was created by AGORA S.A.—was made available.

In 2020, on January 16, Morrone made his YouTube debut. He has 104 million cumulative views on his channel and over a million subscribers. The most popular video on his channel is the “Feel It” music video, which has garnered 51 million views.

On August 2, 2020, Morrone will introduce the women’s beachwear clothing line, Aurum Roma. He announced the establishment of the business on August 8, 2020, via an Instagram live story. The clothing company’s website failed shortly after the announcement due to heavy traffic.

How Wealthy Is Michele Morrone (Net Worth)?

Michele Morrone's Net Worth

Michele Morrone is reported to have a net worth of $5 million. Additionally, he charges a fair sum for his performances. He also receives payment for endorsing brands. Dolce & Gabbana, Falconeri, and other companies have received his endorsement. The gorgeous actor, singer, model, and fashion designer’s talents have made him a multimillionaire.

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Personal Life

Prior to their divorce in 2018, Michele Morrone and Rouba Saadeh were wed. 2014 saw the couple’s wedding. A Lebanese stylist is his ex-wife. In Lebanon and Italy, the couple was legally wed. Morrone, however, creates his own styles in association with Chiara Pollano, a fashion designer. Morrone owns the business, which is handled by Spazio Arcó.

Condition of Michele Morrone After His Divorce

Michele Morrone's Net Worth

He fell into deep despair following his divorce from Rouba Saadeh. In a statement on Instagram, he said he was about to leave everything and didn’t want to perform anymore. He also labored as a gardener in a far-off village due to a lack of funds. He intended to resume focusing on his acting profession after a year since his divorce.


Michele Morrone is an Italian actor, model, singer, and fashion designer.  He is the youngest of four children, and he has three older sisters. Morrone, then 11 years old, made the decision to pursue acting after seeing a Harry Potter movie. As of 2022, Michele Morrone’s net worth is $5 million. Michele Morrone was married to Rouba Saadeh until 2018 when they divorced, Which left him a little depressed.

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