Chanel West Coast is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and television personality who has gained a significant following over the years. Her real name is Chelsea Chanel Dudley, and she was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1988.

Chanel started her career in the entertainment industry as a young teenager and has since made a name for herself in multiple fields. The purpose of this article is to explore Chanel West Coast’s net worth, detailing the sources of her income and the factors that contribute to her wealth.

Chanel’s main source of income is her work on various TV shows. She reportedly earns around $40,000 per episode of “Ridiculousness,” and her net worth has been significantly boosted by her work on the show.

What Is Chanel’s West Coast Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chanel West Coast’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. Her most notable contributions to the entertainment industry include her appearances on MTV shows like “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” and “Ridiculousness.”

Chanel began her career in show business as a teenager and has since ventured into other areas such as fashion, creating clothing lines, and launching a variety of cannabis-related products.

With her relatively modest net worth compared to some other celebrities, Chanel has been able to establish herself as a successful and versatile figure in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Upbringing of Chanel West Coast

Early Life and Upbringing of Chanel West Coast

On September 1st, 1988, Chelsea Chanel Dudley was born in Los Angeles, California. In order to spend time with her mother and father, who lived apart, she divided her time between North Hollywood and New York City where she was raised. She was introduced to the music industry at a young age because her father was a DJ.

She took singing and dancing lessons with her father’s support and frequently went out to clubs with him.

She also developed an interest in rap music as a young child, and by the age of 14, she had begun writing her own raps. While Chanel briefly attended high school, she finally completed her education at home.

Chanel West Coast’s Successful Television Career

Chanel West Coast's Successful Television Career

At the age of 20, Chanel began working for Rob Dyrdek as his receptionist as he concentrated on his reality show, “Rob Dyrdek’s Dream Factory.”

With the use of this link, Chanel was able to begin acting on several MTV programs, with “The Hard Times of RJ Berger” serving as her debut. Then Chanel and Dyrdek began to share the screen on the reality series “Ridiculousness,” where the hosts critique online videos.

And finally, she made her debut appearance on “Fantasy Factory” in the fifth season of the program.

For a short period after that, she continued to feature on “Ridiculousness” and “Fantasy Factory,” and she also made a name for herself as a voice actor by landing a part in the animated series “Wild Grinders.” She also secured a recurring part in “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s” fourth season in 2017.

Chanel West Coast’s Music Career

Chanel West Coast's Music Career

Soon after starting her job with MTV, Chanel West Coast started her music career. She began working with a variety of other musicians in 2009, and Tiffanie Anderson helped her record her debut track, “Melting Like Ice Cream.” The songs she released after that of note were “PHAMOUS” and “I Love Money.”

Lil Wayne signed her to his record company, Young Money Entertainment, in 2012. This resulted in the 2013 publication of her debut mixtape, “Now You Know.”

For this album, she worked with a variety of musicians, including Snoop Dogg, French Montana, Robin Thicke, and many more. The mixtape was subsequently marketed by Chanel with several tours.

“WAVES,” her second mixtape, is a collaboration with musicians including YG and B-Real. She made a studio album announcement in 2014 and started releasing songs like “Blueberry Chills” with Honey Cocaine.

The songs “Miles and Miles” and “Bass in the Trunk,” which would subsequently appear on Chanel’s debut studio album, were released repeatedly during the ensuing years.

Chanel West Coast’s Romantic Relationships and Business Ventures

Chanel West Coast's Romantic Relationships

Chanel West Coast has kept much of her personal life out of the public eye, but she has been linked to several romantic partners throughout her career. In 2014, she began dating Scottish singer Liam Horne, and the couple was often seen together at high-profile events such as the MTV Awards. However, the relationship ultimately ended after a few years.

After that, rumors circulated that Chanel was dating rapper Solo Lucci in 2017, but their relationship also ended relatively quickly. In more recent years, some reports suggest that Chanel is in a relationship with model Dom Fenison.

Aside from her personal life, Chanel has also been active in business ventures related to cannabis. In 2018, she collaborated with a cannabis subscription box service called Daily High Club to release a collection of smoking supplies bearing her name. This move showcases Chanel’s interest in the cannabis industry and her willingness to put her name behind products related to it.


Chanel West Coast’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, largely due to her work on various TV shows such as “Ridiculousness.” However, she has also made significant contributions to the music industry and has ventured into other areas, such as fashion and cannabis-related products.

Despite her relatively modest net worth compared to some other celebrities, Chanel has established herself as a successful and versatile figure in the entertainment industry.

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