‘The Devil To Pay’ is a thriller movie from 2019, which revolves around Lemon Cassidy (Danielle Deadwyler) and her son, who is dealing with the tragic disappearance of her husband.

Although they live in an isolated community, trouble rolls in when her son’s life is threatened due to past debt. Despite being a struggling farmer, Lemon fights with all her might and uncovers a lot more secrets that go beyond imagination.

Lemon Cassidy and her son

The movie was written and directed by Lane Skye and Ruckus Skye and was initially titled ‘Reckoning’. The movie’s gothic and mysterious aesthetics are derived from the deep forests and mountains of the shoot location. They add the edge and enhance the thrill of the film.

The Locations

The filming of The Devil To Pay was done entirely in Georgia, particularly in Hiawassee and Blairsville. Both locations are a 20-minute drive from each other. The peach state, Georgia, is especially known for its distinct geography of mountains, the ocean, and farmlands.

Quite an intriguing fact about the movie is that a few years ago, the Skye couple met Danielle at a coffee shop in Atlanta where they discussed cinema. Ever since then, the couple wanted to work with her and seemingly found a spot-on role for the actress.

The entire filming was done around November 2017, within 4 weeks. Let us take a closer look at the locations of the shoot.

Hiawassee, Georgia

Most of the shoot for the movie was done at Hiawassee, a mountain town in Towns County, Georgia. Set against the Appalachian Mountains, the town is also home to the highest peak of the state, Brasstown Bald, which lies on the Appalachian Trail in Northern Georgia.


All the sequences requiring higher altitudes were shot here. In an interview with The Upcoming, Danielle told how she’d been to Northern Georgia before and had fallen in love with its beauty while hiking years ago.

The experience in town was very different than living in the city as there were hardly any streetlights. The actress also recalled how they even had visible sitings of coyotes. The crisp weather and the terrain were also some new experiences. One more mysterious movie filmed at this location is ‘Oro Arrowhead.’ 

Blairsville, Georgia

Blairsville is another mountain town in Union County, which is a great place for hiking, exploring the downtown shops and cafes, and Moonshine tasting. The Appalachian Mountains also run a trail through this town.


In an interview with Scriptmag, Lane said, “A lot of elements for the story had been stewing over the years. We used to love to take road trips through the South just for inspiration. And we found the Museum of Appalachia. And it’s just amazing. It’s like this one guy’s collection and he’s handwritten all the little stories that go with all of the items. Our favorite thing was a glass eye and a pocket knife and a story about how that pocketknife put out the real eye.”


The movie was wonderful regardless of its low budget. The locations could not have been any better. The towns of Hiawassee and Blairsville elevated the depiction of the bizarre ceremonies, eccentric acts, and frightening aspects of the movie.

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