Operation True Love, a popular series that delves into the intricate lives of Suae Shim and her foster sister Raim, continues to captivate readers with its compelling storyline and unique perspective on love and relationships.

Operation True Love

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of Chapter 75, we explore the official announcement and provide a glimpse into what lies ahead.

Operation True Love Chapter 75 Release Date Announcement

Surprising fans with its gripping narrative and well-developed characters, Operation True Love has become a sensation in the realm of manga.

Operation True Love Chapter 75 Release Date Announcement

The announcement of Chapter 75 release date has generated much buzz within the fandom. According to sources, the release date for Operation True Love Chapter 75 is scheduled for August 26, 2023, as confirmed by official sources.

This is equivalent to the following times in other timezones:

  • Central European Time (CET): 03:30 PM
  • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): 09:30 AM
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT): 10:30 PM
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): 6:00 PM

The raw scans of the chapter will be released on Naver Webtoons first, and the English translations will be available a few hours later. You can read the chapter on Naver Webtoons, Tapas, or Tappytoon.

What Is Operation True Love All About?

“Operation True Love” ventures into the intricate landscape of dating and the challenges that arise when one partner appears disinterested. The manga’s protagonist, Su-ae Shim, grapples with the complexities of her relationship with her long-distance boyfriend, Minu Kang. In a relatable exploration of feeling overlooked in a partnership, Su-ae yearns for Minu’s attention, reflecting the struggles that many have faced in matters of the heart.

What Is Operation True Love All About?

Yet, the narrative takes an intriguing turn with Su-ae’s stepsister, Ra-im, serving as a beacon of inspiration. The allure of Ra-im unknowingly draws Su-ae’s desires, creating an unexpected layer to the story’s dynamics.

Amidst this backdrop, a touch of whimsy enters the tale with the introduction of Jellypop, a sentient flip phone that Su-ae stumbles upon. This unique element lends a fresh dimension to the manga, as Jellypop becomes both a confidante and guide to Su-ae in her romantic journey.

What Is Operation True Love All About?

Jellypop’s presence allows Su-ae to navigate the complexities of the dating world. As she gets to know Minu’s friend, Eunhyeok, Su-ae’s connection to Minu becomes less compelling. This introduction escalates the intrigue, deepening the enigma surrounding the protagonists’ relationships.

The story’s progression through high school intertwines Su-ae’s insecurities with the evolving dynamics between Minu and Ra-im. This narrative approach amplifies the mystery, prompting readers to question whether there’s more to their relationships than meets the eye.

What Is Operation True Love All About?

With adept storytelling, “Operation True Love” deftly weaves these uncertainties, ensuring readers remain captivated. The manga mirrors relatable experiences as Su-ae’s self-doubt impedes her commitment to Minu, resonating with a wide audience.

In a mere few chapters, “Operation True Love” manages to encapsulate the complexities of human connection and longing. Su-ae’s journey speaks to the universal struggles of relationships, making the manga an engaging and empathetic exploration of the human heart.

Operation True Love Chapter 74 Recap

In the previous chapter (Chapter 74) of “Operation True Love,” the story delves into the complex relationships and emotions of the characters. The chapter begins with a tense confrontation where Raim, angered by Minu Kang’s actions, slaps him for his involvement in a fight and his attempt to harm Suae Shim.

Operation True Love Chapter 74 Recap

Just as Minu Kang is about to retaliate, a teacher enters the classroom and intervenes, diffusing the situation. Surprisingly, Eunhyeok ends up facing the consequences of the conflict, despite not being the instigator.

Su-ae remains at the center of emotional turmoil, torn between her feelings for Minu and Eunhyeok. This internal struggle is further highlighted as she grapples with conflicting emotions that seem to be pulling her in opposite directions.

Minu Kang takes a step toward Su-ae by inviting her to the movies, but she offers an excuse to avoid the outing, possibly due to her ongoing confusion. Later, at the library, Su-ae unexpectedly encounters Eunhyeok. Their conversation becomes a pivotal moment as Eunhyeok admits his feelings for her, presenting Su-ae with a dilemma in how to respond.

Operation True Love Chapter 74 Recap

Back at home, Su-ae reflects on her emotions concerning both Minu and Eunhyeok. She confronts the reality that she is uncertain about her true feelings and who she genuinely wants to be with. As the chapter unfolds, Su-ae’s internal conflict continues to intensify, as she acknowledges the need to make a decision regarding her romantic feelings. Despite her growing awareness that a choice must be made soon, she remains uncertain about what path to take.

In Chapter 74 of “Operation True Love,” the story captures the intricacies of teenage emotions, friendships, and budding romances, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the developments that will shape the characters’ futures.

Anticipated Developments For Operation True Love Chapter 75

As we approach Chapter 75, readers are eager to see how the story progresses and what new developments await our beloved characters. While specific details regarding the plot remain undisclosed, fans can anticipate new twists, emotional revelations, and further exploration of the characters’ growth and relationships.

Anticipated Developments For Operation True Love Chapter 75

Operation True Love has consistently kept readers on the edge of their seats, and Chapter 75 promises to be no exception.

Fan Reactions and Expectations

Operation True Love has cultivated a dedicated fan base that has eagerly followed the series since its inception. Avid readers express their excitement and anticipation for Chapter 75 across various social media platforms.

Fan Reactions and Expectations

Countless fan theories and predictions circulate, with fans speculating about potential character arcs, conflicts, and resolutions. The release of Chapter 75 is sure to ignite spirited discussions and debates among the fan community.

Where to Read Operation True Love Chapter 75?

Operation True Love Chapter 75 can be read on various platforms. They provide a reliable and convenient platform to read the latest chapters of Operation True Love.

It is available to read in raw format on Naver Series and Naver Webtoon. Additionally, you may find it available on other manga reading websites and apps that host a wide range of manga and provide options for readers to access and enjoy their favorite series.

Read Here: https://zinmanhwa.com/manga/pure-love-operation/chapter-72/


Operation True Love Chapter 75 is set to captivate readers once again with its engaging narrative and compelling characters. With the official release date confirmed as August 26, 2023, fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment in this beloved manga series.

As fans immerse themselves in the world of Suae Shim and Raim, they can expect new developments, emotional revelations, and exciting plot twists that will leave them craving more. Stay tuned for Chapter 75 and prepare to be swept away by Operation True Love’s enchanting storytelling.

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