Taking her last rose. Even if Katie Thurston’s time as the show’s protagonist has ended, that doesn’t mean she’ll be stopping posting about The Bachelor franchise on social media.

The bikini photo has become increasingly popular thanks to the Washington native.

In addition, Katie has been a vocal supporter of body positivity on Instagram ever since she and fellow fashion blogger Sarah Chiwaya (@curvily) established the #StyleAcrossSize campaign in March 2022.

Instagrammers “thekatiethurston” and “curvily” announced the new series with the caption, “We are SO happy to debut #StyleAcrossSize: A new series where we show you how we wear the same style as two women with different sizes, shapes, and aesthetics.”

“In the end, fashion is for everybody!” Moreover, we will only post goods that come in both straight and plus sizes, because the more inclusive fashion is, the better.

We’re starting with this classy LBD, which is a hit with both of us. Everything is linked for you, and we hope you’ll share your own #StyleAcrossSize along with ours!

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As time has passed, Katie has also demonstrated her #StyleAcrossSize while wearing a bikini.

The former marketing manager not only clapped back at those who spread body-shaming comments during her time in Bachelor Nation but also used her own social media to defend herself.

In February of 2021, Katie Thurston publicly called out an online troll who had posted a photo on her profile that was a kind of fat shaming.

Anyone that comes to my page and shames their body is not welcome here. Katie posted a screenshot of the hateful comment along with the caption “I am immediately blocking you.” Girls helping girls!

While her upbeat social media posts have garnered headlines, her love life has also caught the attention of The Bachelor’s audience.

Katie got engaged to Blake Moynes after her season on the ABC reality show.

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She eventually went on with John Hersey, another contestant from her season of The Bachelorette, after her breakup with him in October 2021. In June of 2022, the exes made public their decision to part ways.

This Babe Has Gone from Bachelorette to Beach Babe in No Time! The Last Rose for Katie Thurston's Bikini Pics

John said on social media, “As Katie stated before, we are no longer dating.” This was not a decision that was taken lightly, nor was it an easy one.

Katie also made a declaration, which she captioned, “Statement: no, we aren’t together.” Let’s toast the beginning of the next act!

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