The cosmetics business Morphe makeup, which is well-known for its partnerships with social media celebrities, said Friday that it will be closing all of its U.S. locations.

The business stated in a statement posted on Twitter on Friday that customers may continue to purchase Morphe products online, at certain merchants, and in open Morphe locations abroad. On Friday, the Morphe website listed approximately 20 U.S. stores, with nearly 10 in California alone.

According to a tweet from Morphe, “We have made the tough choice to shut all Morphe locations in the U.S. We will always be appreciative of the enthusiasm, skill, and commitment of our store staff.

Morphe To Close All of Their 20 Stores in the US

In the past, Morphe collaborated with social media stars James Charles and Jeffree Star, which helped them acquire notoriety. However, after Charles was accused of sexual assault in 2021 and Star was charged with using racist language in 2020, Morphe severed connections with both of them.

According to Bloomberg, these partnerships helped the business reach $400 million in revenue in 2019, but once the company severed relations with the internet superstars, revenue fell in 2021.

The New York Times said that Morphe reintegrated its business under Forma Brands in 2020, which would also buy other beauty brands under the company’s umbrella in addition to producing its own cosmetics.

Then, Forma Brands unveiled its newest products, such as Morphe 2, Such Good Everything, and Bad Habit, a skincare line whose creative director was an internet sensation, Emma Chamberlain.

Morphe To Close All of Their 20 Stores in the US

According to the New York Times, Chamberlain is no longer associated with Bad Habit and Such Good Everything, a vitamin and supplement label, no longer advertises on its website.

On their separate websites, Ulta Beauty and Target both state that they still carry Morphe goods.

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