After playing the Parker twins in the groundbreaking 1998 film The Parent Trap, 35-year-old Lindsay Lohan was crowned the most popular child actress in the United States. Later she became a teen idol, maturing in front of the cameras as she starred in a string of box office successes like 2003’s Freaky Friday, 2004’s Mean Girls, and 2006’s Just My Luck.

Though Lindsay’s life in the public eye may have been gilded on the outside, it was much less rosy than it appeared. Lindsay was battling with a fractured family as she navigated her unprecedented celebrity at such a young age. Both Michael and Dina Lohan have acknowledged to drug use and domestic violence in front of their daughter throughout her childhood.

lindsay lohan parents

Despite their history, it appears that they are on amicable terms now. In 2019, Michael revealed Page Six that Lindsay and her siblings implore him and Dina to reconcile after they split in 2007. Michael remembered in an email to the magazine that he and his family had celebrated his recent birthday at Per Se in New York City, where a “party crasher,” Dina, had unexpectedly joined them for dinner. “Lindsay, without my knowledge, had already set it up, and when Dina stepped in, she greeted me with, “Happy “Parent Trap,” Daddy!”

About Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan, who was born in 1960 and is well known as Lindsay’s father, may have been involved in an unlawful money-making enterprise in 2021 because he needed some additional income. According to NBC News, he was arrested in April of that year in Florida on charges of “patient laundering,” in which he steered addicts to a certain recovery facility in exchange for financial compensation.

During an investigation by the Sober Homes Task Force, State Attorney David Aronberg told NBC that Mr. Lohan was being charged with taking payments for bringing individuals to drug treatment. Because of patient brokering, our health care system has become corrupted by financial gain rather than patients’ needs. The 117th arrest made by our Task Force is certainly not the last.

About Dina Lohan

Saddening as it is to contemplate, Lindsay’s relationship with her father was never entirely easy, and neither was her connection with her mother. Ms. Dina Lohan, the actress’s mother and former manager, was born in 1962. She also went out drinking with her daughter, Lindsay, and one time what was supposed to be a pleasant girls’ night turned into a nightmare after the two got into an argument and Lindsay accused her mother of being high.

The actress can be heard stating, “She’s talking terrible things to me,” in a 2012 audio clip acquired by TMZ. We’re officially over. Dina, she alleged, was on cocaine and the “devil.” However Lindsay promptly refuted her accusations against her mum. According to TMZ’s report (via E! News), she later expressed sorrow for the public nature of the dispute she had with her mother. Conflicts between mothers and daughters are common. I contacted my dad and let him in on a little secret: I’ve been spreading some nasty and downright untrue rumours about her. In no uncertain terms does my mother partake in the use of cocaine. That’s a proven fact, too.

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