The beauty industry is believed to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. It was maintaining the same trend up until the 2020 where it had a hit down due to the pandemics. In the beginning of the pandemics the industry sales had a decrease of 8%. In the beginning of 2021, there was another turn on the market where the beauty industry sales started to grow again and they are expected to surpass $415 billion by 2028. In a such a fast-growing industry, there are loads of business start-ups who would like to have a go at establishing themselves. Probably the most asked questions by these new start-up businesses is how to find wholesale beauty suppliers. 


What is wholesale?

Before we start to analyse the wholesale cosmetics market it is good to understand what is wholesale. Wholesale is when a certain business buys products from the manufacturer, usually in large quantities and usually by a lower price.  The business will then resell the products with a different prise in the attempt to make profit. The wholesalers can choose if they are going to sell the products they obtained from the manufacturer to a retailer or directly to the customers. When the wholesalers buy from the manufacturer they buy in large quantities and because of this they get good deals. 

How to find wholesalers?

The online B2B platforms like BeautySourcing are a beauty product marketplace where manufacturers, suppliers and customers meet to trade. Here you can find a great range of the latest wholesale cosmetics. Other ways to find wholesalers is through visiting cosmetics trade shows and events. 

Getting started buying wholesale

 It will be essential that before you embark on the wholesale cosmetics journey you learn more about the beauty industry, it’s trends, statistics and its demands. As a business you can choose to buy directly from the manufacturer or wholesale. The benefits of buying wholesale are that you can:

  1. Save money. If you are buying from wholesalers directly, you can get better deals on different range of line products
  2. Get the best deals. When you are interacting with a wholesaler, you already skipped the process of dealing with suppliers. This means that the wholesaler did this for you and picked the deals that stand out.
  3. Buy in smaller quantities. The wholesalers are placing larger orders from the manufacturers but you can buy smaller orders from the wholesalers by a good price. 

Wholesale cosmetics Bulk buying 

Buying wholesale cosmetics in bigger quantity reduces the price but are there any limits to what is the minimum you buy? Some companies have their own rules when it comes to the minimum quantity in order but in general it is a mutual agreement and in general it is good to balance out and try and be realistic with your expectations. It is usually good to start with smaller amount and then gradually increase. Buying in bulk can be advantage also because some companies will give you a free shipping after a larger order. 

Wholesale buying has many advantages and once you establish your trusted vendors it becomes easier and more enjoyable. Wholesale cosmetics is a large market and you can always find good deals and good wholesale prices. Keep an eye on the trends, statistics and demands and in this way create the products and order size for the best wholesale experience.

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