On January 17, just two weeks after celebrating her 39th birthday, Superman Returns star Kate Bosworth uploaded photographs to Instagram with the message, “This is 39.”

Kate reflected on her last year in her thirties, posting pictures that show she is truly ageless, proving that it is never too late to enjoy your big day.

Kate wore an aquamarine bikini that flaunted her toned body, making her look if she had just stepped out of her surfing favorite from 2002, Blue Crush.

In the second of two pictures, Kate is seen sitting on a horse on the beach and giving the camera a broad grin.

Naomi Watts wished Kate in the comments area, “Happy Birthday Kate!! “, and many others followed suit.

Malcolm Carfrae, the man behind the worldwide lifestyle brand marketing firm Carfrae Consulting, once remarked, “You never change.”

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In a birthday message to the goddess, Catt Sadler wished her a happy year. And from Sophia Bush: “Happiest Birthday, Beauty!” Happy Birthday, Kate! Susan Foster remarked, “You look stunning as always,” while Laura Bailey wrote, “Love and wishes, beautiful.”

Twenty years have passed since the release of Blue Crush, but the film’s influence remains strong.

“Blue Crush is the one that everyone, but mainly young girls, come up to me and say, ‘You inspired me to do this!’ You are all the people I look up to in this world.

During a 2020 get-together with co-stars Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake, Kate gushed about the film.

Sanoe responded, “Yes, absolutely,” when asked if the trio would get back together for a sequel. Without a doubt. Definitely, man. I adore you, ladies, as much as I adore Hawaii. Michelle said, “And you won’t have to ask me twice.

I’m willing to risk everything once more. Kate remarked, “I don’t mind, for a sequel,” referring to the fact that Sanoe was the only cast member with any real professional surfing experience.

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With a new year, Kate Bosworth may start over at age 39. After ten years of marriage, she and Michael Polish announced their separation in August 2021.

A Photo of Kate Bosworth, 39, in A Bikini 20 Years After the Iconic Movie 'Blue Crush'

It is in letting go that we realize our love is eternal. When you cut ties with someone, it’s not like the link just vanishes. Kate and Michael said on their Facebook post that as their love grew, so did their heart.

To have had this kind of affection bestowed upon us has been and will continue to be the greatest honor of our lives. This is what happens when we get to the finish of something only to realize that “this is the beginning.”

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