Sarah Young born on 15 March 1946, in Nashville, Tennessee is a notable Christian author best known for her devotional book series “Jesus Calling.” Her writings have had a profound impact on the spiritual lives of countless individuals, offering them comfort, guidance, and a deeper connection to their faith.

Sarah Young

While her work has generated theological discussions, it cannot be denied that she has sparked conversations about the ways in which individuals connect with their faith on a daily basis.

Sarah Young Illness

Sarah Young is currently well and is not suffering from any kind of serious illness in 2023. Nothing about her recent health conditions is known as Young herself has not released anything regarding her health. However, she has faced quite a difficult time during her diagnosis of Lyme disease.

Sarah Young Illness

In 2009, Sarah Young went through an ‘intense and expensive therapy’ for six months in the U.S. after her diagnosis with Lyme disease. She went through a lot during that particular time and it was a difficult time for her as she was asked to have a strict rest and stayed at home for a very long time.

She experienced various health issues most prominent being dizziness which she had for some time. But she is now absolutely cured and it has been more than a decade since she last experienced such a health issue. As of 2023, Sarah is absolutely fine and is not suffering from any kind of serious illness.

Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling”

“Jesus Calling,” published in 2004, is the cornerstone of Sarah Young’s literary contributions. The book is a collection of daily devotionals written in the first-person perspective of Jesus Christ speaking directly to the reader.

Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling"

Each entry is designed to provide a sense of intimacy as if the reader is having a personal conversation with Jesus. This unique approach sets “Jesus Calling” apart from traditional devotionals and resonates with those seeking a more personal and relational understanding of their faith.

The success of “Jesus Calling” led to the creation of various spin-off products, including editions for children and teens, as well as accompanying study guides and journals. These resources have further expanded the reach of Young’s messages and have helped individuals of all ages engage with their spirituality in a meaningful way.

Central Theme Of Young’s Writings

The central theme of Young’s writings is the concept of “listening to God.” She encourages readers to approach each day with an open heart and mind, ready to receive the messages that God might be trying to convey. This emphasis on listening, stillness, and receptivity fosters a sense of mindfulness and reflection, allowing readers to engage with their spirituality on a deeper level.

Central Theme Of Young's Writings

Sarah Young’s writing style is characterized by its simplicity and sincerity. Her words are accessible and relatable, making her devotionals suitable for a wide range of readers, from newcomers to the Christian faith to seasoned believers.

The messages she conveys through her writing often address common human struggles such as doubt, anxiety, and loneliness, offering reassurance and a sense of God’s presence even in challenging times.

Sarah Young’s Controversies

However, Sarah Young’s work has not been without controversy. Some theological concerns have been raised regarding the first-person perspective used in her devotionals, as it implies direct communication from Jesus.

Sarah Young's Controversies

Critics argue that this approach could blur the lines between scripture and personal interpretation. Nevertheless, supporters of her work contend that it serves as a supplement to, rather than a replacement for, traditional scripture study.


Sarah Young’s influence on modern Christian literature is undeniable. Her devotionals, particularly the “Jesus Calling” series, have resonated with readers worldwide, offering a fresh perspective on cultivating a personal relationship with God.

Through her writing, Sarah Young has provided a source of comfort, inspiration, and spiritual growth for countless individuals seeking a deeper understanding of their Christian journey.

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