During the four months following last year’s Wimbledon championship, Marion Bartoli battled a horrendous illness and was “on the brink of dying,” according to Bartoli.

At the start of the 2016 tournament, the 2013 champion appeared noticeably slimmer than she had in the previous three years.

However, the 31-year-old tennis star later admitted that she may have contracted a severe form of swine flu during her recent trip to India.

“I spent four months in hospital after Wimbledon,” Marion said today on This Morning.

Marion Bartoli Illness

“The doctor was shocked I was still alive when I was on the verge of passing away during Wimbledon.

“My blood levels were so horrendous that they couldn’t understand how I’d found the strength to keep on at Wimbledon,” he said after the match.

Afterward, Marion admitted that the four months she spent in solitary confinement in the hospital were the worst of her life.

“The 10 years of training for Wimbledon were nothing compared to what I went through in the hospital,” she said.

Marion Bartoli Illness

“Because I was so contagious, no one was allowed to be in the same room as me.

With gloves and masks on, the doctors entered the room.

“Wimbledon kept me going, I was allowed to watch something for 10 to 15 minutes a day, and that final and winning speech honestly kept me going.

‘I won it and could again,’ I kept telling myself. It was like playing Serena Williams every day,’ she says.

Marion Bartoli Illness

“Back in February I didn’t know what sort of disease I was suffering from, so for me, [I thought] it [was] going back to a healthy lifestyle and enjoying my new life working on her fashion line] outside of the tennis court,” she told Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning a year ago.

My weight had returned to its pre-diabetic state, and I was “perfectly content,” going to the gym and “enjoying my life,” despite eating healthfully.

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Afterward, I flew to New York to present my collection at New York Fashion Week, where I endured a 30-hour plane ride and jet lag.” After a long trip, you can’t expect to be in peak physical condition, and then I flew to India right after this. As a result, I made three trips in quick succession…

Phillip asked Marion: “And you think you picked up a virus didn’t you?”

Marion Bartoli Illness

Just what I was looking for,” Marion agreed. When I went to Miami and Dallas to present my [fashion] collection there a few weeks later, I started feeling worse and worse. My body was refusing more and more things as the weeks went by.”

It was also refusing to eat, according to Holly.

“Anything. It can be any contact with an electrical thing – I cannot type on my phone without gloves – I can’t wear certain things on my skin, I have a very bad skin reaction, it could be tissue on my face… it’s absolutely horrendous.

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What I’m going through right now is a complete nightmare, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else. It’s getting lower and lower… For example, I have to use mineral water to wash my face, and I can’t even use tap water to wash my hands. I can’t drink tap water, I can’t use my phone for more than five minutes at a time because my heart begins to pump and my body refuses electricity, and I can’t wear jewelry because I’m allergic to metal.

Using electronic equipment for more than five minutes at a time would raise her heart rate, according to the athlete.

Marion Bartoli Illness

She became quite emotional telling the presenters: “I’m praying to god every single day to go back to a normal life. I’m doing my best. Every time I take a bite out of something. Her friend Richard Branson is assisting her in seeking alternative medical treatment, which she will begin at a clinic on Monday. “I am scared of the reaction to my body,” she added.

After receiving a barrage of negative comments on Twitter, Marion admitted: “That’s why I came here and explained to them. Who knows? Maybe this is a universal problem, and we can all band together to help each other.

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As a result, “I can only eat organic salad leaves and cucumbers without the skin because my body can’t even process the skin, which is all I’ve been able to eat in order to maintain my health.”

When I have a little fish, my heart rate goes through the roof and I have to keep drinking until my body gets rid of the substance it doesn’t want in there,” she continued. “I’m trying new things every day.” But I keep trying because I love life and food and I want to live.”

Marion Bartoli Illness

Is Marion afraid of dying? “Yes of course because going through all of this is difficult but my passion and love for life are keeping me going and I can’t wait until Monday at the Clinic to hope and pray the doctors will be able to treat me… I’m afraid of dying but my passion and love for life are keeping me going.”

A Wimbledon champion, I’m doing everything in my power to stay alive… This is what I’m going through, and it’s absolutely horrendous. I don’t do this to myself on purpose.

“I wonder if her dad did say to her, ‘Listen, you’re never going to be a looker.'” — John Inverdale, BBC pundit — Radio 5 Live, September 13, 2013.

“‘You’re never going to be somebody like a Sharapova, you’re never going to be somebody with long legs, so you have to compensate for that.'”

As a result of Bartoli’s victory at Wimbledon that year, it appeared that she had begun to alter her eating and exercise habits.

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