A well-known figure mostly because of her partnership with “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts, Amber Laign has recently gained attention because of the couple’s impending wedding. Amber Laign, who was born on September 6, 1974, is currently 48 years old.

Amber Laign

Throughout Robin Roberts‘ highs and lows, including her health issues, she has consistently been there for Roberts. Laign is a co-founder of a company and a former massage therapist.

Amber Laign Illness

Partner of well-known journalist and television anchor Robin Roberts, Amber Laign, fought breast cancer courageously and showed resolute bravery and fortitude all through her ordeal. It was disclosed in 2021 that she had been diagnosed with this terrible illness, which impacts millions of women globally.

Amber Laign Illness

For many, Amber’s decision to make her breast cancer diagnosis public was an inspiration. She served as an example of the value of early detection, routine screenings, and keeping an optimistic attitude in the face of such a difficult health issue. Her candor also promoted a sense of unity among people going through comparable struggles by assisting in the dismantling of the stigma associated with cancer.

Amber Laign received an enormous amount of support from friends, family, and fans in her struggle against breast cancer. Her experience served as a reminder of the value of psychological and emotional care for cancer sufferers. She certainly showed incredible bravery, tenacity, and grace during her treatment.

Amber Laign’s Early Life And Family

After leaving her birthplace of California to grow up in Lebanon, New Jersey, Amber Laign now resides there. At forty-eight years old, she’s built a solid job and a loving relationship.

Amber Laign's Early Life And Family

Paul and Andrea Laign, her parents, provided her with early life and educational support. Laign finally earned a Clayton Valley diploma after attending Round Valley Middle School.

Amber Laign And Robin Roberts

Every July 26th, Amber Laign and Robin Roberts celebrate their dating anniversary. They have been together for almost 20 years. Together, the pair has experienced both good times and bad. Laign, who had been fighting breast cancer since late 2021, received her last radiation treatment in 2022, according to a tweet from Roberts.

Amber Laign And Robin Roberts

Laign is not only a successful massage therapist and co-founder of a company, but she is also a supportive partner. Robin Roberts and Amber Laign, who have been together for eighteen years, have declared their intention to get married.

The 48-year-old fiancée and the 62-year-old reporter have long discussed getting married. That was postponed by the pair, nonetheless, following Laign’s cancer diagnosis. They are finally going official now, which opens a new chapter in their lengthy romance.

More About Amber Laign

During a recent broadcast, Robin Roberts’ “Good Morning America” coworkers threw her and Amber Laign a bachelorette party with a beach theme. Clearly moved by the gesture, the couple celebrated their impending marriage and their love.

More About Amber Laign

Regarding Amber Laign’s health issues, Robin Roberts has also been transparent, disclosing details of her fight with breast cancer and the conclusion of her radiation therapy. Their love story has been extensively covered by the media, which has brought attention to their dedication and encouragement of one another during trying times.


The 48-year-old Amber Laign is most recognized for her close friendship with Robin Roberts, the host of “Good Morning America.” Raised in New Jersey after being born in California, Laign is a prominent massage therapist and co-founder of a company.

After almost 20 years of dating, she and Roberts are getting ready to marry the knot soon. They have proven the resilience of their enduring love story through health issues and media attention.

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