Most of the time, we utilize our phones—calls or Google searches—to solve problems when they arise. But what if there’s an issue with your phone? What happens if you see SOS or SOS only on your iPhone and you are unable to resolve it? Let us assist you with these easy fixes, then.

No, you haven’t inadvertently enabled the setting. Yes, you may take the SOS-only notification down from the iPhone status bar. In what manner? Get all the answers by following along.

What Does It Mean When My iPhone Says SOS Only?

You cannot send or receive ordinary phone calls, send messages, or utilize cellular data while your iPhone displays the SOS icon or SOS-only text, indicating a problem with the cellular network. The moniker “SOS” came about since you can still use your iPhone to make emergency calls. You can dial emergency numbers, such as 112 in Europe 911 in the US, or comparable services.

On iOS 16 and older versions, the SOS icon typically shows in the top-left corner of the iPhone, but it also appears in the top-right corner.

Why Is My iPhone Showing SOS?

how to get rid of sos only on iphone

There are several reasons why your iPhone may be displaying SOS if you’re wondering why. The first possibility is that your iPhone may be in a poor network coverage location, which prevents it from obtaining the correct cellular network.

Similar to the last example, it can also mean that the network has been switched in the iPhone settings or that your SIM card lacks roaming capabilities. Alternatively, there could be an issue with how your SIM card is inserted, or worse, the SIM card may have completely stopped functioning as a result of physical damage, unpaid bills, or another reason.

The only way to remove SOS from your iPhone is to fix the cellular connection. Only then will you be able to utilize cellular services.

Note: Only in Australia, Canada, and the United States will the SOS icon appear on your iPhone.

How to Get Rid of SOS Only on iPhone

Use the instructions below to turn off SOS if it appears in your iPhone’s status bar.

1. Restart Your iPhone

how to get rid of sos only on iphone

Occasionally, a transient bug may cause the SOS icon to appear. Just restart your iPhone to resolve the issue. Holding down the Power button will cause the Power slider to appear. Your iPhone will switch off if you drag the slider to the right. After a little while, click the Power button once more to switch on your iPhone.

2. Check Network

A bad network is a big factor in why your iPhone is displaying the SOS icon. Thus, consider shifting your location. If you can, relocate to a different room or area where there will be a strong network signal.

3. Re-insert SIM

how to get rid of sos only on iphone

After that, you have to take the SIM card out of your iPhone physically. After cleaning it with a gentle cloth, replace it with your iPhone. Eliminating SOS texts on iPhones is made easier with the help of this patch.

4. Turn off your cellular data

Select Cellular Data (or Mobile Data) under Settings. Disable the toggle next to mobile data or cellular data. After hearing a few beeps, turn it back on.

5. Enable Data Roaming

If you’re traveling in a different state or nation than the one where your SIM was originally issued, make sure data roaming is turned on for your iPhone.

1. Navigate to Settings > Mobile data (cellular data).

2. Toggle on the Data Roaming toggle by tapping on the Cellular data (Mobile data) options.

6. Choose the Right Network

On your iPhone, it’s possible that you unintentionally chose or changed the incorrect network. That can be the cause of the SOS notification in the status bar. Putting network selection on automatic is the simplest way to solve the issue. In this manner, the appropriate network for your SIM will be chosen automatically by your iPhone.

Navigate to Network selection under Settings > Cellular data (Mobile data). Turn on the toggle that’s next to Automatic. Turn it off if it’s already on, then turn it back on.

7. Enable LTE

how to get rid of sos only on iphone

Some carriers, including AT&T, are discontinuing their more antiquated networks, such as 3G. You may notice the SOS icon in the status bar if you have the 3G option enabled in the Voice and Data settings.

To disable it, all you have to do is move to a newer network. Navigate to Settings > Cellular data > Options for cellular data > Voice and data. Select a different mode than the one that is on. Try activating LTE as well.

8.  Update Your iPhone and Carrier Settings

You may frequently be receiving the SOS symbol on your iPhone because of a network problem caused by outdated carrier settings. It requires manual carrier settings updates in order to be disabled. In the same way, you ought to update iOS to the most recent version.

To view the updates that are available for both of them, navigate to Settings > General > About. Verify if a Wi-Fi network is linked to you. Install the update on your iPhone if one is available.

9. Reset Network Settings

how to get rid of sos only on iphone

The last thing to do if you can’t seem to get the SOS out of your iPhone’s status bar is to reset the network settings. By doing this, you may get all of the network settings back to their original settings, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. They need to be reconfigured.

Navigate to Settings > General > Reset or transfer your iPhone. Select Reset > Reset network settings after that.

Advice: Do you instead see a text message saying “No service” on your iPhone? Find out what No service on iOS means.

Final Call: Contact Network Provider

I hope you now understand why your iPhone’s status bar displays the SOS symbol. Understand the meaning of the symbols on the iPhone’s Control Center in a similar manner. If, however, you are still unable to remove SOS texts from your iPhone, you want to get in touch with your network operator. Your SIM card might be having problems.

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