Maybe a holiday proposal is in your future (mistletoe, anyone?).

Or do you have a date set for 2024 and want to start your shopping early?

Black Friday is the ideal time to make your engagement ring purchase since there are so many amazing online deals.

Ring in the Savings: Black Friday Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

But a word of caution: a good deal doesn’t always mean a good purchase. There are so many things you should consider before committing to an expensive fine jewelry item that will most likely be passed down for generations.

That’s why we gathered our jewelry experts’ top tips for Black Friday engagement ring shopping.

How to Research Your Black Friday Engagement Ring Purchase

When it comes to Black Friday shopping, research is your friend. So many jewelry shops offer quick promotions that urge you to purchase before really thinking through your decision.

We get it—20% off a Black Friday engagement ring is a steal!

But before you get all giddy for the deals, let’s look at what’s most important to find in a Black Friday engagement ring.

Your Black Friday Engagement Ring Checklist

Need a quick reference? Print out our Black Friday engagement ring shopping checklist and keep it close by while you shop.

  • Check the quality of your ring’s metal. Go for solid gold or solid platinum rather than a plated option.
  • Make sure you investigate gemstone color and quality (we recommend AAA or AAAA grade gemstones). No one wants to receive a “great deal” on a Black Friday engagement ring just to unbox a dull ruby.
  • Understand gemstone and diamond sizing (in carats). Quick purchases often result in accidental mistakes, and you don’t want your ring showing up smaller than expected.
  • Know the difference between natural diamonds and diamond substitutes. Moissanite and lab-created diamonds are viable options for your engagement ring, but you need to know exactly what you’re buying to be sure it’s worth the price. We recommend avoiding cubic zirconia (CZ) altogether.
  • Check return policies for promotions. Mistakes happen! Make sure that any jewelry piece you buy on sale can be returned.
  • Browse online reviews. This is the best way to check and see if a jewelry shop is offering the value it claims to.
  • Become your own expert. Understand typical jewelry and gemstone pricing. A lot of jewelry brands increase their prices year-round so they can offer promotional discounts during the holidays. If this is the case, you aren’t actually getting a deal.

4 Tips to Optimize Black Friday Engagement Ring Shopping

Hey, there’s a new jewelry expert in town. The more you understand about fine jewelry, gemstones, metal types, and pricing, the more confident you’ll feel when shopping for your soon-to-befiancé’s ideal piece.

Start Shopping for Your Black Friday Engagement Ring Ahead of Time

Don’t wait until Black Friday to discover your favorite jewelry brands. Instead, start shopping now. Make a list of the brands that have the same values as you—and pick out a few engagement ring designs you like. Odds are, you’ll have at least a handful of options to pick from when the jewelry officially goes on sale.

Our Biggest Tip: Make sure you’re subscribed to all your favorite jewelry brands’ email lists. Newsletter subscribers are usually the first to know about special promotions—and may even get a bonus discount for being a loyal customer.

Investigate Engagement Ring Customizations

Customization and personalization are what make your engagement ring stand out. Imagine her surprise when she slips the engagement ring out of the box to see a love note engraved on the inside of the band. Or you could include her birthstone as a hidden gem.

Maybe you were browsing engagement rings and saw one you like—but you want to change a couple of things.

It’s important to make sure your Black Friday deal of choice allows for customization.

Set Your Budget Before You Start Shopping

What’s better than a good deal? Going under budget.

There’s so much value you can gain from Black Friday promotions if you play your cards right. An engagement ring that’s 20% off means you can get a larger diamond without going over your budget.

Or you can pick up the exact same engagement ring you’ve had your eye on, with a little extra savings. Apply that money to your wedding, honeymoon, or to an extra piece of jewelry—like diamond earrings or a bracelet for her wedding day.

Consider Financing Options

Financing your engagement ring with a personal loan, credit card, or online service like Affirm isn’t that uncommon. An engagement ring is a big purchase—one that you hope makes an even bigger impression on your soon-to-be fiancé.

Financing your fine jewelry can also help you build credit if you’re just starting a family and considering a larger purchase (like a home or a car) in the near future. Credit history is important when you’re starting a life together—and there’s no shame in getting a little boost to help you make an important purchase.

Make sure that the jewelry brand of your choice offers financing options—and that any promotions or discounted items are included when you use a financing service.

Watch for Hidden Costs and High Shipping Fees

We don’t like to admit it, but some Black Friday promotions can be shady. Stores may offer sales on only a handful of jewelry pieces (likely those that are already on sale). Others may pile on high shipping and handling fees at checkout.

This is why it’s important to pick a jeweler with solid values—and do your research before the Black Friday sales come around.

You Can’t Put a Number on Love

While we love browsing all the best Black Friday deals, it’s important to remember that you can’t put a number on love. Even the most expensive and luxurious engagement ring isn’t enough to represent the beautiful love story you and your partner share.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Some things can’t be captured in words, deeds, or jewelry. Instead, find an engagement ring you know she’ll love and create a heartfelt proposal speech.

You have your whole life to live and breathe the love story you’re writing together.

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