Happy and prosperous times are in store for you in the new year. During this glorious season, we celebrate our happiness and enthusiasm by spending time with one another. Those we hold dear to our hearts are showered with our undying affection and care.

Friends far away are still on our minds, so even when we can’t see them in person, we send them heartfelt messages. We assure them that no matter how far apart we may be, they will always be in our thoughts and memories.

You could also wish your ex a happy new year and thank your pal for the memories you shared. Although you are no longer physically together, your love for one another remains strong. You should never forget the precious moment you shared.

best happy new year wishes for ex boyfriend

New Year Wishes For Ex

  • My love for you has not gone yet. I still remember you every day, you are always in my thoughts. My wish is to always see you smiling and satisfied. On this special occasion, I am wishing you a very Happy New Year! Stay blessed.
  • We are not together anymore; I wish you to stay happy either with me or any other person. You are always in my heart and in my mind. I am here to wish you a very amazing new year. May this bring so much love and opportunities. Happy New Year to you.
  • We separated because our compatibility was not as good as we expected it to be. But this thing can never change my feelings for you. I wanted to say thanks for all the love and feelings that you shared with me. I wish you to stay happy with the person who has conquered your heart. Stay blessed together. Happy New Year to you my dear.
  • You have always been an extraordinary ex-boyfriend. Even if we are not together, you are always there to support me and to stand by my side. Still, you treat me with respect. Thank you for always being there for me. Happy New Year to you.
  • Years have passed, and we are not together. It is very hard for me to forget that our relationship is no more. We separated because it was the only best option for both of us. Miles of distance and a hectic routine every day but still, it is not possible for me to abolish memories from my mind. On this new year, I am sending you my pure feelings and a lot of prayers for your happy life.
  • The way you loved me was exceptional. Happy New Year to you my phenomenal Ex.
  • We had amazing romantic moments together. We traveled, enjoyed, and shared pure feelings and supported each other anyway. You will always be there in my find. Wishing you a Happy New Year 2023.
  • My former Boo! May you have a wonderful new year. Happy New year!
  • I wish everything works out well for you this year. Happy New Year to my Ex.
  • Our relationship did end but we both know that we still love each other. You are one of my favorite companions. I can share my problems and secrets with you without any hesitation. I can write thousands of new year wishes for my Ex-boyfriend of mine. But when it comes to sharing of feelings, I know you can understand unsaid as well. Happy New Year to my exceptional Ex Boyfriend.

Wishing Your Ex Happiness Quotes

  • Even though we are separated but I still pray to God for you everlasting happiness, success, a bright future, and a happy family. May God bless you with the most understanding and pure-hearted person this year. Recalling amazing memories, we made together. Happy New Year!
  • May the coming 12 months bring hundreds of reasons for you to smile. This year be a bonus to your happiness and love. May God bless you with the most understanding partner. Happy New Year to my amazing Ex.
  • Although our relationship has come to an end you will always be in my prayers and memories. I apricate the efforts that you made for our relationship to survive. You will always be at top of my friend list. Happy New Year to my supportive EX!
  • Your thought still makes me smile. You are the best thing that happened to me. Even though our relationship didn’t work, I still want you as y friend throughout my life. You have an amazing personality with so much positivity. You will be a perfect life partner and the girl who will marry you will be the luckiest. I am recalling the amazing moments we spent together and sending you my apologies if any action or word hurt you in past. Wishing you a blessed life. Happy New Year.
  • My worst fear was the end of our relationship and unfortunately, it became true. But, I promise that I will always be there for you. Just tell me once and I will anything to make you feel happy. I will always be there in your good or bad time. Happy New Year to my Ex.
  • I still love you. Happy New Year!
  • When you hold my hand for the first time, I felt loved and secure. You put my heart on fire. Happy New year.
  • Nobody can take your place, my love! You will always be so special to me. Even though we are not in a relationship but still you are my best friend. Happy New Year!
  • I will follow you like your shadow. You have to be mine forever. This breakup will turn into a patch-up again. Wishing you a new year handsome.
  • You are the sexiest person on this planet. I met many boys after you but you are the hottest among them. Today I want to request you to come back and love me. I am waiting for your reply. The hottest man deserves the hottest kiss. Wishing you unlimited happiness in this new year.

Mean Quotes About Ex-Boyfriends

  • I am lucky that I saw your real face before you could ruin my life. This new year I wish for you to get as ugly a partner as you are.
  • Thank God we broke up before it was too late. You are a mean person and such people do not deserve sincere partners. This year I wish you get a partner like you. I am happy to celebrate this new year without you.
  • I would like to give you a slap ad would love to keep doing that and make my hands dirty as you are a shit.
  • You didn’t deserve me and that’s why I left you. Be a better person this year to get accepted by girls.
  • Ex-boyfriends are similia to tattoos once you have got it is very difficult to get rid of them.
  • Whenever I feel sad that you left me. I just smile and thank God for removing such an asshole from my life.
  • You are a pro version of the wizard and I wish on a new year a witch may enter your life.
  • My dear Ex Boyfriend, you were not more than a fart that stinks.
  • Thanks for the experience dear Ex, I would love to service a genuine person and not some stupid like you.
  • I will always keep you on my contact list to let you know how much happy I am without you.

Heart-Touching Messages To Your Ex Boyfriend

You and your boyfriend created wonderful memories and felt wonderful emotions. You start to really miss your ex-boyfriend when you start thinking about the nice times you shared together in the past.

It’s not healthy to start the new year off sad because you’re no longer with your ex-boyfriend. You should send your ex-boyfriend some beautiful and heartfelt New Year’s wishes.

  • I am in tears, please come back and wipe my tears. I am sorry for all the mistakes that I have done. My heart will heal only when you will be back. Please, start adoring me again. I love you. Happy New year.
  • You know very well that I still love you. Come back, let’s start our relationship again. Wishing the love of my life a very Happy New Year.
  • Give our relationship one more chance. I always wanted to be in your arms. Let’s give our relationship a chance. Blessed Happy New Year.
  • We have broken up but you know very well that nothing can stop me from loving you. You know very well I am crazy for you.
  • I will keep on reminding you that I love you. Also, I promise to stand by your side in all your achievements and success. You can help me to cover my all imperfections.
  • I think me and my efforts meant nothing to you but you are my everything. You are my beautiful destiny. I am waiting for you to come back. I want to spend this new year with you.
  • We only get a chance to live. I never regret loving you and making you a priority. I can not replace you with anyone else. keep in mind that I love you so much. You must know that I want to spend new year’s eve with you.
  • It does not matter if you love me or not. The only thing I am concerned about is your health and prosperity. I am always going to love you unconditionally.
  • My friends often ask me if I want their help but they do not know the only thing that can help me is “YOU”. I love you, my dear.
  • The unluckiest day was when we broke up. But I can not stop loving you throughout my life. Please come back.

Ex-Lover Quotes

Below you’ll find a plethora of interesting and captivating New Year’s greetings for an ex-boyfriend. If you’re like me, you’re thinking why you should bother wishing for someone who isn’t here.

People who have made even a small difference in our lives deserve our gratitude, my dear. We shouldn’t start the new year with so much baggage as to make us feel down and out. Those who have wronged us should be forgiven and allowed to go on. Give them the benefit of the doubt every year and hope they improve.

Don’t think twice about sending your ex-boyfriend well wishes for the new year; instead, take a deep breath and dive right in.

  • Yesterday, I was special to you and today you are not with me. Worst feelings that I can’t explain. I want you to come back. I can not celebrate the new year without you.
  • You made me feel alone but it made me a strong person.
  • We are not friends; we are enemies now. This year I am going to tease you.
  • I have now changed my Facebook status to SINGLE now. Saying you bye to this ending year.
  • It only takes having a bad companion to know your worth. You taught me the biggest lesson in life last year. My new year’s resolution is that I will never ever repeat my previous mistake again.
  • I am that stupid to do a suicidal attempt just because you left me. I will be happy without you.
  • You made me realize that the person who loves you will not change you.
  • Respect and understanding are the key value for a successful relationship. You lack both qualities.
  • Lack of trust spoils relationships and you never trust me. I Want you to trust your partner in the future. Wishing you a very happy new year.
  • I want to say sorry if I ever hurt you. All I want is to end this relationship on a good note. I am wishing you a very Happy New year.
  • A new year with new feelings and new people will be a good option. I do not want to spoil the new year with fake people like you.
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