American Monster, the gripping Investigation Discovery (ID) crime-drama documentary series, has been a window into the chilling minds of real-life murderers since its premiere on June 1, 2016.

With Season 11 gracing screens on November 12, 2023, fans are eagerly anticipating news about American Monster Season 12. Let’s delve into what we know so far and explore the speculations surrounding the release date of the upcoming season.

What Is American Monster All About: A Look Into Previous Seasons

“American Monster” delves into the chilling realities of ordinary individuals committing heinous crimes, uncovering the motivations and hidden darkness that drive their actions. Each episode of this true crime documentary series focuses on specific cases, providing an in-depth exploration of the investigation process, the profound impact on victims and communities, and the eventual resolution.

will american monster release for season 12

In Season 11, the show delved into various themes, including family betrayal, hidden lives, and the twists encountered in the pursuit of justice. Noteworthy cases from this season included the shocking story of Dr. Mark Winger, a respected physician with a dark secret, the deceptive acts of Lisa Montgomery, and the tragic case of David and Louise Turpin, parents who imprisoned and tortured their 13 children. Additionally, the season explored the disturbing relationship between Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell, suspected of murdering Lori’s children and Chad’s wife.

While a comprehensive recap for Season 11 is not available due to ongoing weekly releases, individual episode summaries can be found on TV listings websites or the Investigation Discovery website. As Season 11 continues to captivate audiences, viewers can tune in on Sundays on Investigation Discovery or stream episodes on platforms like Discovery+.

American Monster Season 12 Current Status: No Official Release Date

As of February 2024, American Monster Season 12 is yet to receive an official release date. This is not unusual, considering Season 11 recently premiered, and the network, ID, is likely assessing its performance before making any renewal decisions. American Monster has successfully built a dedicated audience over the years, making a renewal highly probable.

will american monster release for season 12

Historically, the series has followed a consistent release pattern. Since 2020, two seasons have been delivered each year, with the exception of 2021. Season 8 and Season 10 premiered in May 2022 and May 2023, respectively, while Season 9 and Season 11 debuted in October 2022 and November 2023, respectively. Given this pattern, fans can speculate that Season 12 might grace screens in May 2024, assuming the trend continues.

Narrator Expectations: Tom Streithorst’s Return

In the prospective Season 12, fans can likely expect Tom Streithorst to return as the narrator.

will american monster release for season 12

Streithorst’s voice has become synonymous with the series, providing a haunting and atmospheric backdrop to the unsettling tales of real-life monsters. His return would maintain the consistency that fans have come to associate with American Monster.

Platform Speculation: Investigation Discovery (ID)

American Monster Season 12 is expected to continue its legacy on Investigation Discovery (ID), the platform that has been the series’ home since its inception. All previous seasons have been exclusively released on ID, and there is no indication of a change in this pattern.

will american monster release for season 12

The network has been a hub for true crime enthusiasts, and American Monster’s success aligns with the audience’s interest in delving into the hidden darkness within seemingly ordinary individuals.

Official Synopsis: Peering into the Eyes of a Killer

The official synopsis of American Monster sets the tone for the series:

“On any street, behind any smile, lurks an American Monster. Never-before-seen-video footage looks straight into the eyes of a killer, hidden in plain sight. Mom next door; dad across the street; the kid who never broke the rules. Anyone can be a monster.”

This encapsulates the essence of the show, inviting viewers to confront the unsettling truth that evil can be concealed behind the façade of normalcy.

Conclusion: Anticipation and Speculation

As fans await the official announcement of American Monster Season 12, the anticipation is palpable. The series has successfully carved its niche in the true crime genre, weaving narratives that explore the darkness within the seemingly mundane. The speculated release in May 2024 aligns with the established pattern, offering enthusiasts another opportunity to peer into the minds of real-life monsters.

While the wait for an official release date continues, fans can brace themselves for another season filled with chilling revelations and the unnerving exploration of the hidden monsters lurking in plain sight. American Monster Season 12 is poised to continue its legacy of unraveling the mysteries that lie behind the everyday façade, reminding us that the truth can be more horrifying than fiction. Stay tuned for updates as the network decides the fate of this enthralling true crime series.

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