A recent viral video that imagines what rapper Pitbull would look like with long hair has the internet in a frenzy. This video from TikTok has a Pitbull with long hair.

There are occasionally TikTok videos that become viral and break the internet. This time, the ‘Pitbull singer with long hair on TikTok’ viral video is in question. On Tuesday, April 20, the video was posted on the website, and since then, social media users have been raving about it.

Tiktok Video of A Pitbull with Long Hair Goes Viral

On April 20, a TikTok user named Anh Nguyen uploaded a video to her account starring the beard-and-haired rapper Pitbull. The user responds to what Pitbull may be like with long hair and a beard in the 10-second video.

I gave Pitbull long hair and a beard, the user wrote. In the distance, Rae’s original soundtrack is playing. Additionally, Mr. WorldWide, a Pitbull with long hair and a beard, appears in three manipulated photographs in the video.

Viral Video of Rapper Pitbull With Long Hair Left Tiktok Users Shocked!

With long hair and a beard, the 40-year-old rapper has a stunning and essentially unrecognizably different appearance.

On TikTok, people liked the “Pitbull singer with hair video.” The rapper looked incredible with hair and a beard, as many users who saw the TikTok video said under it.

According to one user, the rapper reminded them of “Jon Snow’s estranged brother Phil Blizzard.” Another person said, “Bro I just spat out my oatmeal,” in response. “That’s Mr. Universal now, not Mr. Worldwide anymore,” a third user commented.

Many users were perplexed as well because the video’s title suggested that it was supposed to be about the Pitbull dog breed.

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Pitbull: Why Is He Bald?

While Pitbull’s followers may be interested in learning the cause of his baldness, it appears that the celebrity has never spoken about it.

But he has repeatedly urged his close pals in the entertainment industry to attempt the style.

Pitbull spoke about encouraging John Travolta to experiment with the bald head style during one of his performances on The Jimmy Fallon show. John did not appear to hesitate because he is now sporting the appearance.

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Pitbull’s Ethnicity, What Is It?

Viral Video of Rapper Pitbull With Long Hair Left Tiktok Users Shocked!

Pitbull is originally from Cuba, however, he was born to Cuban parents in Miami, Florida, according to a CNN report for readers who are interested in Pitbull’s racial background. The rapper was born and raised in a seaside city.

With little over 11 million citizens, 64% of Cubans are white, according to a different Anywhere.com research. The remaining 9% are Afro-Cuban, with another 26% being mestizo.

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