What does it mean and where did “rizz” and “unspoken rizz” come from? these phrases have recently become popular on TikTok. You probably don’t know unless you’re a huge Kai Cenat fan.

Every day brings a new fad to TikTok, and as of late, rizz has been all the rage. The video app has been taken over by guides on how to have rizz and improve your rizz game; if you have no idea what they’re talking about, you’re not alone.

It’s typical for people to post comments on videos wondering what it is; here’s what we know.

Rizz: Meaning and Origin Explained

Kai Cenat, a New York City-based YouTuber and Twitch streamer, coined the term “Rizz.” According to Urban Dictionary, it means a man has “game,” or the ability to successfully attract and engage females.

However, the phrase “rizz” has been around since at least June 2021, and Cenat has already made multiple films on it for TikTok.


In July of 2021, he started a streaming channel called “Rizz Academy,” his own “institution” dedicated to helping his male pals have better luck with the ladies. Seeing as how practice makes perfect, he invited a couple ladies over to “check if they got game.”

Cenat classifies rizz into three types, from which you should ideally choose type W and avoid types V and L.

Pick your W rizz tutorial creators on TikTok carefully, as they will all have slightly different approaches.

Unspoken Rizz Is the Next Level Up

A “extremely rare rizz,” as the creator puts it, is rizz that cannot be spoken. It’s when a man’s physical attributes are enough to captivate a lady without him having to say a word.

Cenat’s devoted fan base likes to make fun at him since his collaborator Duke Dennis has succeeded in creating “unspoken rizz” but Cenat has had more trouble getting there.

Check out the Twitch chat’s hilarious reaction in this footage of the incident. Dennis only had to make a motion for his message to be understood.

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