Vinland Saga Season 2

Vinland Saga is a popular anime series. Makoto Yukimura authored and illustrated the comic. Shuhei Yabuta directs the series. The series’ characters are voiced by Yto Uemura, Shizuka Ishigami, Naoya Uchida, Hiroki Yasumoto, Kenichiro Matsuda, and Akio Tsuka.

The first season of this anime series was released in 2019, and fans have been impatiently awaiting the release of the second season. Season 2 of the Vinland Saga has the following details.

When Will ‘Vinland Saga’ Season 2 Release?

The second season has now been confirmed, but no release date has been set.

The first anime broadcast on NHK General TV in Japan was from July 7 to December 29, 2019. Based on the director’s cryptic message, it appears that the anime was discreetly renewed in 2020, which indicates that work has already begun, which is why we now have the official teaser.

Vinland Saga Season 2

Manga author Makoto Yukimura stated in July 2021 that season 2 of the anime is already under production.

A new season may air on 22, July 2022.

We’ll keep an eye on future developments and update this page once we have an official release date for season 2 of ‘Vinland Saga.’

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The Cast of The Vinland Saga Season 2:

Season 2’s cast will most likely be quite similar to Season 1’s, with a few major additions and subtractions. Given the events of Season 1’s finale, fans can be confident that the actors who played Askeladd and Bjorn, respectively, have left the program (via IMDb). This excludes any conceivable retcons, time jumps, or dream sequences.

Aside from that, Yûto Uemura, Kenshô Ono, and Akiotsuka will reprise their roles as Thorfinn, Canute, and Thorkell, respectively, in the series’ subsequent events. The only real surprise on the roster will be the new characters viewers can expect to meet in Season 2 of “Vinland Saga.” Newcomers to Season 2 will, on the other hand, remain anonymous until any official announcements are made.

What Is the Possible Plot of ‘Vinland Saga’ Season 2?

Vinland Saga Season 2

For each of the protagonists, the first season ended with a major turning point. Thorfinn has been hell-bent on vengeance since his father’s death. After a duel with Askeladd, he finally gets the chance to revenge on his father’s death.

Thorfinn, on the other hand, is not yet up to the duty of catching his father’s killer, especially when his wrath and emotions get in the way. Askeladd, Thorkell, and Thorfinn had already started working for Danish Prince Canute. They banded together to depose King Sweyn and install Canute as the new king.

Askeladd felt imprisoned when the Danish king plotted an attack on Wales. Askeladd beheaded King Sweyn and offered himself as a sacrifice so that Canute may claim the kingdom.

Askeladd died in the process, and Thorfinn was taken aback by the death of the man he had long sought vengeance against. Before Thorfinn could injure the newly-crowned King Canute, he was taken to an unknown location.

Vinland Saga Season 2

We expect the second season to be true to the source material, with Canute’s journey continuing when the anime returns.

After Canute is sent to a remote land, there is a time jump in the manga. Thorfinn is sold as a slave in Scandinavia. He loses his desire to live and his sense of purpose. He obeyed his new lords’ orders mechanically until he met Einar, another slave. Thorfinn’s outlook on life will be altered once more by Einar’s arrival.

They’ll work together to gain their freedom and begin a new, peaceful existence. Thorfinn gradually rediscovers his new purpose and finds a new cause to live. Thorfinn’s quest for vengeance was the subject of the first season. However, now that his father’s assailant has been killed, the second season, if approved, will have to focus on a new chapter in his life.

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Vinland Saga Season 2 Official Trailer

Wait! That’s not all; we also have some exciting news for fans in the form of a season 2 teaser. Season 2 isn’t far away, based on the number of familiar characters in this trailer.

We’ll let you know when an official launch date is set. Season 2 is expected to debut by the end of 2021 or early 2022, based on the current state of the process.

Season 1 premiered on NHK General Television in Japan in July 2019. So, here’s the teaser, and considering the fantastic quality, we can see why Season 2 is so hard to wait for.

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