Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 Episode 8, released on Friday, February 2, 2024, brought a wave of surprises and emotions to the dating reality show’s audience. The show, known for its unique concept of bringing ex-partners together to find new connections, delivered unexpected twists and turns in this latest installment.

What Happened In The Previous Episodes of Transit Love?

In Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 Episode 6, several key highlights promise to captivate viewers and intensify the romantic drama. The episode introduces a suspenseful “group talk room” segment, where male participants engage in candid conversations, unaware of a new female contestant secretly listening. This innovative twist creates an air of anticipation, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats as they speculate about the new participant’s potential choices and the impact on existing dynamics.

Adding to the excitement, a fresh face enters the scene as Kong Sang Jeong makes her debut. As a new female contestant, her arrival injects a dose of unpredictability into the show. The pivotal moment arrives as Kong Sang Jeong selects one male participant for her first date, setting the stage for intriguing interactions and sparking curiosity about the evolving connections in the house.

transit love season 3 episode 8 spoilers

Emotional exploration remains a focal point, with established couples navigating unresolved feelings and fostering deeper connections. Episode 6 is poised to delve into the intricate emotional journeys of the participants, unveiling potential romantic sparks and intensifying the overall drama.

True to the series’ style, the episode likely concludes with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers eager for the next installment and questioning the unfolding trajectories of the participants’ relationships. Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 Episode 6 promises a blend of suspense, romance, and emotional revelations that will keep fans eagerly anticipating each new development.

New Male Participant: Choi Chang Jin’s Arrival:

The episode’s major highlight was the introduction of a new male participant, Choi Chang Jin.

transit love season 3 episode 8 spoilers

His arrival injected excitement and tension into the house, setting the stage for intriguing developments. As Choi Chang Jin interacted with all the female participants before officially entering the house, the dynamics among the contestants took an unexpected turn.

Emotional Moments: Reading Ex-Introductions Again:

A poignant segment in Episode 8 involved all participants, including the new arrivals, revisiting their ex-introductions. The emotional weight of these letters resurfaced, leading to tears and reflective moments among the contestants. This provided a deeper insight into their past relationships and added a layer of complexity to their current interactions.

transit love season 3 episode 8 spoilers

Transit Love episode 8 unfolded with several engaging events, including individual dates among the participants. Seo Dong-Jin went on a date with Lee Seo Kyung, Lee Ju Won with Lee Yu Jung, and Kim Kwang with Lee Seo Kyung. These dates seemed to have gone well, as the participants displayed comfort and connection with each other.

Separate Outings: Girls’ Night and Boys’ Outing:

As the selected dates concluded, the show arranged separate outings for the female and male participants.

transit love season 3 episode 8 spoilers

These gatherings provided an opportunity for candid conversations about their feelings and emerging connections. The female contestants shared their thoughts on finding new connections, while the male participants tried to decipher the emerging dynamics within the house.

Choi Chang Jin’s Impact: Unexpected Interest from Song Da Hye:

During the girls’ night out, the unexpected happened as Choi Chang Jin made a striking impression on the female participants, particularly drawing interest from Song Da Hye.

transit love season 3 episode 8 spoilers

This was surprising, considering her previous focus on her ex-boyfriend, Seo Dong-Jin. The development suggested a potential shift in dynamics and hinted at newfound connections.

Return to the House: Excitement and Tension:

The episode concluded with the return of all participants to the show’s house. The male participants noticed a new bunk bed, signaling the arrival of Choi Chang Jin. The atmosphere in the house became charged with excitement and tension as the contestants braced themselves for the impact of the new arrival.

Age Revelations and Emotional Rollercoaster:

An unexpected revelation occurred when a letter prompted the participants to disclose their ages. The revealed ages of Lee Seo Kyung and Cho Hwi Hyun surprised their fellow contestants. Following this, an emotional rollercoaster ensued as the show revisited the ex-introduction letters, leading to tears and introspection.

Choi Chang Jin’s First Date Choice: Song Da Hye:

The episode concluded with Choi Chang Jin selecting Song Da Hye for his first date on the show. This choice added an intriguing layer to the evolving dynamics among the participants, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next developments.

transit love season 3 episode 8 spoilers

Where To Watch Transit Love Season 3?

You can watch “Transit Love” (also known as “EXchange”) season 3 in two locations, depending on your region:

For viewers in South Korea:

  • TVING: This is the primary platform where the show airs live every Friday at 12 PM KST. You can access TVING through their website or mobile app.

For viewers outside of South Korea:

  • Viu: This streaming service holds the international rights for “Transit Love” season 3. New episodes typically become available on Viu every Saturday, 24 hours after the Korean broadcast. However, subtitles may take some time to be uploaded, so expect a slight delay.


Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 Episode 8 delivered a mix of unexpected arrivals, emotional revelations, and evolving connections. The introduction of Choi Chang Jin brought fresh energy to the show, creating anticipation for the remaining episodes.

As the dating reality series Transit Love continues to unfold, viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eager to witness the twists and turns that will shape the fates of the participants in the upcoming episodes.

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